Romney Heckled by Climate Protesters

November 1, 2012

Protesters drowned out by “yew ess ayy” chants.

13 Responses to “Romney Heckled by Climate Protesters”

  1. uknowispeaksense Says:

    With all due respect to Americans, but this chanting of “USA USA USA” to drown out a lone voice with a legitimate protest is disturbing. Do these Republican idiots think that the USA is opposed to climate change acceptance? Are they just caught up in OTT nationalism? I think a more appropriate chant would have been, “IG NOR ANCE! IG NOR ANCE! IG NOR ANCE!” Those people are batshit crazy.

  2. rayduray Says:

    It’s funny how much “U.S.A., U.S.A.” sounds exactly like “Sig Heil, Sig Heil”.

  3. ontspan Says:

    Hmm, raise your voice to ask unwelcome questions and be removed. USA! USA! land of the free… Oh what the heck, USA! USA! USA!

  4. rayduray Says:

    Romney Audience Calls Sensata Workers Communists for Trying to Keep Jobs in USA
    Employees of the Sensata plant who had to train their Chinese
    replacements because Bain is shipping their jobs overseas went to a
    Romney rally in hopes of finally getting him to hear their pleas. Tom
    Gaulrapp explained, “(A)s we were being removed, his (Romney’s)
    supporters are scream—first they start a “U.S.A.” chant. And we’re like,
    “Yes, we agree.” And then they started calling us communists for trying
    to keep our jobs from going to China.”

    Amy Goodman broadcasted from the tent city of Bainport on September 20 for Democracy Now!.
    She interviewed Tom Gaulrapp, who has worked at Sensata Technologies
    for 33 years, about their hopes of getting Republican Presidential
    candidate Mitt Romney to help save their jobs:

    TOM GAULRAPP: Yeah, we look at it that these—Bain Capital board has
    made their decision. The Sensata CEO has made his decision. So we
    believe that the only person in the world who can stop these jobs from
    being moved is Mitt Romney, because of his relationship with the Bain
    board, his financial investment in Bain Capital. And we also believe
    that if he would come and talk to us and see the impact that this kind
    of outsourcing has on not only the people who work there but, as the
    mayor has addressed, the community and the surrounding area, that he
    would see that this is absolutely the wrong thing to do because of the
    devastation it brings. But, you know, so far, we continue to receive no
    response from them. They continue to say they’re unaware of the
    situation, although at this point we certainly know they are aware of
    the situation, so…

    AMY GOODMAN: So, you went to Iowa to try to talk to Mitt Romney?

    TOM GAULRAPP: Yes. We—

    AMY GOODMAN: [inaudible]

    TOM GAULRAPP: They were having in event in Bettendorf, Iowa. And
    they—if you went online, you could get these free tickets, so we decided
    we would go. And I was seven rows from the podium that he stood behind.
    And I asked him, “Will you please come to Freeport, Illinois, and help
    Sensata employees save their jobs?” At that point, we were removed. And
    as we were being removed, his supporters are scream—first they start a
    “U.S.A.” chant. And we’re like, “Yes, we agree.” And then they started
    calling us communists for trying to keep our jobs from going to China.
    And I have never understood that yet.

    Ray here. So, this is why I call Romney zombies Nazis. They don’t give a damn about their fellow Americans losing their jobs to China in a scheme concocted by Romney’s corrupt and criminal clique.

  5. Welcome to the age of stupid.

  6. ahaveland Says:

    Space for climate change under the carpet finally ran out and blew up in the faces of campaign managers, demanding to be heard and ruining the carefully orchestrated scripts.

    Bloomberg’s amazing endorsement of Obama should send a powerful message to the electorate, and to the Tea Party subjugated GOP, that their climate-change-denying fossil-fuel-funded house of cards ideology finally blew down – hopefully just in time to influence the election.

    Anthropobscenic™ Climate Change is one fact that refuses to be bought off.

  7. They pushed him out of the room after he exercised his free speech? Gawd that is shameful. Romney is a bully, still.


    • MorinMoss Says:

      Teapublicans believe strongly in free speech – as long it’s their own, or they agree with it or they’re being paid to say it.

  8. Jean Mcmahon Says:

    We need some major demonstrations at Fox/hate radio stations..they are the brainwashers…or any media outlet for that matter

  9. MorinMoss Says:

    Looks like it’s time, once again, for the Romney campaign to remind us that, despite what their candidate says and does, he really, really, gosh darn really, will be the President of all Americans, include the entitled dependent victims who won’t vote for him and refuse to take responsibility for their lives.

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