While Scientists tell us the sky is blue, one man says not so fast. Film at 10.

October 22, 2012

The Sky is Pink – a follow up and addendum to “Gasland” by director Josh Fox.  I’m grateful that he addresses the “biogenic methane” claim.

Josh demonstrates here that the Gas industry strategy to sell widespread gas production via fracking technology makes use of the very same techniques pioneered by the tobacco industry in the Tobacco wars, and the larger fossil fuel industry in the climate denial wars.

Hey, when you’ve got a technique that’s working, you stay with it.
Count the parallels.


7 Responses to “While Scientists tell us the sky is blue, one man says not so fast. Film at 10.”

  1. mrsircharles Says:

    The Merchants of Doubt, the same people, using the same tactics to spread in the same way the odd myths… And the same media are supporting these myths, telling us again and again, the sky is pink…

    Also => Fracking – A Boom and Bust

  2. Here’s an interesting article about coal, the current political campaign, and money influencing attitudes:

  3. And on Josh Fox’s video, the best point is at 8:28. These fracked wells are simply not built to permanently protect the water supply. In 20-50 years, the vast majority will leak and will pollute our water supply. Meanwhile, the drilled natural gas itself will be long gone, used by some guy who left his heater on while he was skiing in Colorado and others of like concern. Our descendants will have none of the benefit and all of the cost.

    But the industry, and society as a whole, doesn’t talk about that, because screw those who come after us.

    And so, that’s exactly what’s what we’re doing. We are literally handing our children a ticking time bomb.

  4. pendantry Says:

    Given the voting power of the almighty buck, it seems to me that the only way things will ever change is when each and every one of these anti-regulation free market fundamentalists are caught out in their lies and FUD they are quietly taken out into the street and publicly strung up — preferably by the balls.

  5. Martin Lack Says:

    What? No comment about this from Omnologos? I wonder why not?

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