Music Break: Nick Lowe – Where’s My Everything

October 21, 2012

I had never heard this song before, and stumbled over it while driving thru stunning northern michigan forests, listening to the impossibly good and tasteful Acoustic Cafe on our gem of an NPR station, WCMU. 

I’m up here to speak sunday at the Great Lakes Bioneers conference, something that’s become a bit of an annual pilgrimage.

Anyhoo, the version played on the radio was actually a slightly more satisfying cover by Ron Sexsmith, (a poorly recorded version is here),  – so that lead to a few searches till I found the slicker, more glossy original.  Both are available on iTunes.

4 Responses to “Music Break: Nick Lowe – Where’s My Everything”

  1. rayduray Says:

    Potholer54 does a nice job debunking the David Rose article on global warming in the Daily Fail:

  2. rayduray Says:

    Here’s a TEDx talk on evolution and climate change.


    Bret Weinstein is an evolutionary theorist and member of the faculty at The Evergreen State College. In “Natural Selection and the Evolution of Climate Change” he considers how the choices individuals make trying to do right, can often be ineffective or even harmful.

    On April 16, 2012, speakers and attendees gathered at TEDxTheEvergreenStateCollege: Hello Climate Change to reflect on the ability — and responsibility — of formal and informal education to inspire and empower action in this era of climate change.

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