How Stupid Does Cato Institute think Congress Is? Oh, right….

October 15, 2012

A seasoned DC observer flags this one:

Apparently the (right wing “think” tank) Cato Institute is set to release into the election campaign circus a report titled “ADDENDUM: Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States,” which mimics in layout and format the national climate assessment report with the same title released by the White House and the USGCRP in 2009.  We have heard that this report was coming, but apparently it is now to be publicly released and no doubt is intended to be taken up and pushed by the denial machine.
A prepublication version of the report, dating from earlier this summer i think, is downloadable at  Not sure how this compares with what will be released now.  This report is their response to the 2009 ‘official’ assessment, and it is designed to look just like the original report in terms of the cover and organization, all the way down to type face and the way figures are laid out, as well as the title. 
My first reaction was, who cares?  This is another “insided the beltway” report that will never see the  light of day.
But, another well informed insider tells me:

There is a reason why Cato is putting it out now. It is not so the average person will read it.  It will be handed to Republican candidates who can tout the latest science in attacking the Administration’s efforts to address climate change; and it will be used by the Republicans in the lame duck session as justification for eviscerating funding for climate change.


23 Responses to “How Stupid Does Cato Institute think Congress Is? Oh, right….”

  1. I did a brief post on this report at SkS a few months back. The entire purpose of the report is to argue against the need to reduce CO2 emissions, but in the process they unwittingly admit that CO2 emissions pose a threat to humans.

    Interesting that the temperature record is on the bottom of the USGCRP cover, whereas I can’t tell what the blue/red bars on the bottom of the Cato cover are supposed to represent. ENSO or PDO maybe?

    Regardless, it’s pretty pathetic that they’re trying to disguise their ideologically biased rubbish as a real scientific report.

    • vrooomie Says:

      Not so much as pathetic, Dana, but SOP for the GOPeabaggers. Truly venal. They have proven BEYOND a shadow of doubt they care not one DAMN bit about the environment;;;only the part they can dig up and make money from.

    • ahaveland Says:

      I watched how the Sessions and Inhofe ran a show-trial using cherry picked data as a thin veil to justify their position in Senate committee hearing “Update on the Latest Climate Change Science and Local Adaptation Measures.”, Wednesday, August 1, 2012

      They basically just bulldozed their way through the proceedings, ignoring facts presented by two expert witnesses, using John Christy as their hired shill witness. They spent more time introducing him with his supposed credentials than actually listening to him. Sickening whitewash.

      Watch the archived webcast here:

      Inhofe Welcomes Senate Back to Global Warming Debate – Part 1:

      Oil-soaked democracy in action.

      • skeptictmac57 Says:

        There should have been 49 climate scientists there to counter Christie’s testimony to give an accurate sampling of expert opinion.

        • ahaveland Says:

          Absolutely, but it still wouldn’t have carried any more weight – the Republicans had a majority and to hell with reason.

  2. Reblogged this on obama '12 – ma metrowest so. and commented:
    They are relying on the fact that we can’t tell the difference between real and faked science and studies. Are we this gullible?

  3. mrsircharles Says:

    Probably the same guys who want to control the internet for copyright reasons…

  4. mrsircharles Says:

    Hope they don’t complain about China…

  5. The post lacks impact for those who are unfamiliar with USA congressional niceties.

  6. otter17 Says:

    Wow, this is pretty low. Interesting that the groups like Cato appear to end up being the source of some climate myths. Their BS reports make it to politicians, who then spread the myths among themselves and to the media.

  7. anotheralionel Says:

    Of course when Michaels is ensnared in a web like this what else can a man do but produce such *****. Michaels is near bottom left and Cato near centre top.

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  9. […] Stupid Does Cato Institute Think Congress Is? Oh..Right. The story from Climate Denial Crock Of The Week; here’s an excerpt: ”A seasoned DC observer flags this one: Apparently the (right wing […]

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