Let the Men of Wisdom Speak: Abe Lincoln on Wind Energy

October 7, 2012

Source here.  H/T to commenter Maurizio.


2 Responses to “Let the Men of Wisdom Speak: Abe Lincoln on Wind Energy”

  1. omnologos Says:

    Yikes! My Exxon cheque…gone!!

    ps I’d be glad to see this working, instead of the ugly ‘mills.

  2. Bruce Miller Says:

    T, Boone Pickens – American prophet, told of the Saudi Arabia of Wind energy in the Prairie Wind Corridor long ago! He was right of course and as soon as the infantile minds of Americans are taught to accept the realities of energy in this world today, and convert to electric bullet rains and “Short Hop” electric rechargeable cars, they will pay to support “parasite Oil Nations” with a larger and larger percentage of their incomes. Oil is now scared enough that Tar Sands Oil is profitable and Shale oil which is very expensive to come ‘on line” soon. Solar Wind Wave, Hydro, Tidal geothermal and Thorium fission for domestic electric energy is the only path America can take to sustain herself. The “Golden Age” of America, supported by the “Cheap Oil Era” is long over. Massive borrowing and astounding devaluation of the U.S. Dollar by the Feds has allowed for the illusion to continue, The system is now breaking down, the end is near, and the breaking point imminent. Time now for Americans to realize this and make the changes to all forms of domestic electric power before it is too late.

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