Climate Pumps Food Prices for World’s Poor

October 3, 2012

4 Responses to “Climate Pumps Food Prices for World’s Poor”

  1. Martin Lack Says:

    “Both parties have been inadequate on the issue of climate change”

    Heather could so easily have been talking about the UK as well. Our current coalition government claimed it would be the “greenest ever” but, in addition to recently allowing economics to trump science by giving the OK to unababated gas-fired power station development for the next 2 decades – whilst removing all incentives to encourage investment in solar PV micro-generation – I now discover that six months ago it overturned the presumption (on the grounds that it is unsustainable/unsurvivable) against opencast coal mining… So, as David Roberts famously concluded, “I think we’re screwed”:

    Meanwhile, I think Iran may be a test case: Although it is not climate change that is causing the hyper inflation (i.e. US/UN sanctions designed to stop nuclear ambitions) the consequences will likely be the same. It seems a grossly unjust way to bring about regime change but, then again, anything is better than shock-and-awe style carpet-bombing…

  2. rayduray Says:

    “I think we can all come together on this issue of agriculture.”

    This seems optimistic.

    Here’s an AP headline today: “Ranchers see increase in grass thefts amid drought”

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  4. […] 2012/10/03: PSinclair: Climate Pumps Food Prices for World’s Poor […]

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