Wow, Watch What Happens When a YouTube bot “improves” your Video!

September 26, 2012


A few days ago a little box popped up on youtube as I was re-watching this interview with Mauri Pelto. Something like “we detect that your video needs improvement. Would you like Youtube to improve this video?”

I absentmindedly checked “yes”, wondering if they could repair my patented shaky-cam style.
Well, you be the judge, but, if you’re high – or get dizzy easily, …. well, don’t say I didn’t warn you..

11 Responses to “Wow, Watch What Happens When a YouTube bot “improves” your Video!”

  1. Don’t you just love all those helpful corporations like YouTube, FB, Google? They really want to ‘help’ don’t they?

  2. daveburton Says:

    I especially like how Dr. Pelto bends and squishes like Gumby, for a few seconds starting at 0:19.

  3. NevenA Says:

    LSD and magic mushrooms no longer needed. Thank you. 🙂

  4. uknowispeaksense Says:


  5. ahaveland Says:

    Looks like YT started using Gunnar Thalin’s code – congrats to him!
    He wrote the Deshaker plugin for Virtualdub, and it works amazingly well, but it needs human intervention and direction when there are multiple objects competing for attention.

    Notice the glacial valley and background shots are beautifully stable, but the caption dances around because it isn’t part of the majority sum of vectors.

    Peter, the key is to deshake the raw materials first before compositing, then it shouldn’t need any extra postprocessing. The plugin has a lot of parameters to play with and it can be tedious and time consuming, even with the fastest machine you can get your hands on, but the results are worth it. (I used Deshaker to smooth and interpolate the Mars Curiousity descent sequence in my YT channel).

    This YT option is really designed for tidying drunken raw smartphone and cat videos!

    I suggest to anyone taking video with their phone or small camera – tie it to a brick first…

  6. Nick Carter Says:

    I saw life that way after splitting a bottle of Chartreuse with my cousin. (:X

  7. mspelto Says:

    Nice how it improves the cameraman and on screen talent. Now you have whet appetite for next installment.

  8. rayduray Says:

    Hi Peter,

    This item comes at an interesting moment for me. Seemingly, over the past few months Google appears to have decided that it ought to be God.

    Last night my Google Chrome browser, which had been on the fritz for weeks finally annoyed me enough so that I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Worked great at clearing up the mess it had become.

    Little did I realize as I put the computer to sleep for the night that reinstalling Google Chrome has somehow hosed my Mozilla Thunderbird email software. After a hour of frustrating troubleshooting I finally got Thunderbird to work again, after reading some really bizarre error messages and marveling at the arrogance of Google to be messing with what I thought was a completely firewalled Mozilla software.

    Lesson learned? Google is becoming entirely untrustworthy.

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