Sea Ice Minimum – Historical Comparison

August 31, 2012


From NASA.
Bear in mind that this year’s minimum is still weeks away.

4 Responses to “Sea Ice Minimum – Historical Comparison”

  1. Ed Hodder Says:

    2 questions

    It seems like this year’s melt should be related to all the reports of very thin ice last year. When do the volume comparisons start coming in to understand how much more thinning has happened?

    Where is (was) Santa’s workshop?

  2. Shane Burgel Says:

    Any news on what Santa plans to do? 😉

  3. @Ed Hodder
    Neven has the latest PIOMAS graph. It looks like we’re 75% below the 1979-2001 average (which, in turn, is probably below the real ‘normal’ volume).

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