Time Lapse: Waldo Canyon Fire

July 1, 2012


5 Responses to “Time Lapse: Waldo Canyon Fire”

  1. Nick Carter Says:

    Terrible site out here. 45% containment as of this afternoon. High Park Fire, west of Fort Collins is 100% contained. Today we topped 101 degrees. This makes June the hottest on record for Denver. We also tied the number of 100 degree-plus days which stands at 7, (one week). The last time we saw this was in 2005. One takeaway, so many of these records have fallen in the past 23 years.

  2. Nick Carter Says:


  3. Nick Carter Says:

    At 8:42 those little black puffs of smoke you see are house fires. 346 structures burned, 2 fatalities. As of 7:16 p.m. now 55% containment.

  4. I lived through this, having a view from my deck out over Ute Valley Park to see all of Mountain Shadows. We saw the fire come screaming out of Queen’s Canyon on Tuesday and plunge down the side of the ridge into the neighborhoods in less than 45 minutes, before the smoke came blowing up our canyon and cut visibility to less than 100 feet. Then we had to evacuate, but we were lucky in that our house suffered no damage and we were allowed back in a couple of days ago.

    I have friends who have lost homes, and others whose homes somehow survived. The homeowners were allowed back into the neighborhoods today and the pictures are simply gutwrenching.

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