DC Storms: “If we did not have global warming, we wouldn’t see this”

June 30, 2012

8 Responses to “DC Storms: “If we did not have global warming, we wouldn’t see this””

  1. witsendnj Says:

    Forgive me for pointing out that those two people died because trees fell on them…and the wildfires are uncontrollable because forests and other plants are dying off from pollution. Trees fall in 70 mph winds because their roots are shrunken. Root systems are damaged from ozone absorption before visible symptoms appear on foliage and needles…according to research cited by the EPA. And according to a report referenced at Climate Progress, ozone is responsible for the loss of 30 million tons of crop yields annually, which to my mind begs the question, how much wild vegetation is being lost? Link here:


  2. dana1981 Says:

    Pretty good explanation from that meteorologist. Nice job.

  3. otter17 Says:

    Increasing the heat trapping capability of the blanket in the sky, day by day.

  4. Peter Mizla Says:

    Nice to hear some truth for a change. The majority of these TV weather people seem like puppets of the corporations they are employed by.

  5. More heat in the global weather systems equals more ENERGY,
    more energy results in more extreme weather, as predicted.

    Think of it as weather on steroids!

    These are immutable laws of physics and denying that will change nothing.

    Get used to it or do something about it.

    We need to build a large number of new generation nuclear power plants and phase out burning fossil fuels.

    Read about it at Professor Barry Brook’s (Adelaide University, Australia) blog http://www.bravenewclimate.com

  6. astrostevo Says:

    Journalist : “So we’re experiencing all time record breaking unheard of ever before temperatures, Mr meteorologist is that *unusual *now? Is it? Is it?

    Meteorologist : *Facepalm* Sigh. “No, mate, we get all time records broken broken every day that’s why its so noteworthy.” / despairing sarcasm.

    ‘Cept of course we are getting such “all time record breaking” severe weather events so much more regularly than they used to occur.

    Hmmm .. do you think that miiight point to some kinda , oh I dunno, trend or something? Could there be juust perhaps some, some, sorta oh, maybe climatological reason for that d’ya think?

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