Music Break: The Spring Standards – Only Skin

June 27, 2012

Listen to this. That is all.

4 Responses to “Music Break: The Spring Standards – Only Skin”

  1. Okay, fine, a beautiful, quirky song about death. As a minister, I’ll bet that I will be hearing this used at funerals. It is certainly fitting with many peoples’ ideas about death.

    But here’s my gripe: GET THE HELL OFF THE TRACKS!! The rail she walks on is shiny and the track appears to be well maintained – a sure sign this wasn’t some abandoned line they found to shoot that scene. Besides the obvious trespassing, she is putting herself at unnecessary risk.

    I don’t like to see photographers & film makers posing people on the railroad tracks. It is unsafe, period. People watch videos like this, are moved by the music, and unconsciously receive the message that it’s okay to hang out on the tracks.

    I know that’s not what the video is about. But I don’t want to hear this song at some kid’s funeral because he or she made a bad choice to play where trains run, because they thought it was okay since they saw it online.

    • otter17 Says:

      Ah, but she is also encouraging kids to exercise by getting outside hiking through the woods later in the video.

  2. All the times I’ve listened to this I always thought it was about young love breaking up. The idea of permanent parting and death just never occurred to me. Goodness me.

  3. I didn’t hear ‘death’ at all – I got the end of a relationship and finally letting go. Occupational hazard, Pastor?

    Safety is a very good thing – absolutely! I wasn’t forbidden from being on the tracks, but was reminded to listen, keep my head on a swivel, and get out of the way when appropriate. Abstinence isn’t likely to be effective here, either…

    Peter – thanks for this – I’m a new fan with MP3s to prove it. Oh, here we go… LOL

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