June 27, 2012

When you have a history of epic swan dives, pratfalls,  and face plants such as those in my checkered career, you don’t automatically assume that everything will come off smoothly.

But here it is. About 30 hours after it began, the funding project to put Climate Denial Crock of the Week on a glacier this August is funded, and a go.

There are still 16 days to go in the fundraiser, but the rules make it clear that you must make the original funding goal, or you receive NONE of the pledges. Now that we’ve met that goal, the additional contributions still coming in just help firm up my bare bones funding proposal. What I’m saying is, don’t feel you have to stop now.  Any additions to the $4000 base proposal will definitely go to good use, and directly help improve the frequency and quality of these productions.

Deepest gratitude to all who pitched in, blogged, face booked, emailed and tweeted this project to their circles.  I’m looking forward to taking this series to a whole new level.

14 Responses to “Funded”

  1. Alex Edstrom Says:

    Reblogged this on Anthroposcenery and commented:
    Worth a little spare change

  2. astrostevo Says:

    Congratulations Greenman! Great news.

  3. James Pavitt Says:

    You deserve a great deal more gratitude and recognition than I could afford but I was very glad to be able to help a little. I’m looking forward to seeing the films you make.

  4. mspelto Says:

    That is what I call a swift Kickstart. We will also be looking at the adjacent Deming Glacier . To get a feel for work on the Easton Glacier

  5. rayduray Says:


    If you happen to swing through Bend, OR on your way to Mt. Baker, I can prove that there is such a thing as free lunch. 🙂


  6. peter can you make this forum a bit more international

  7. ahaveland Says:

    Well done Peter, we are all looking forward to watching your observations…

  8. There we go over the $5k hump! All to happy to vote with my dollar, the free market in action – oh irony how sweet you are sometimes.

    Looking forward to the doc Peter – keep up the great work!

  9. atoieno Says:

    Glad to be able to help even if my contribution only amounted to a warm pair of socks 🙂

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