Gettin Hot in Here – Denver

June 26, 2012

Natonal Weather Service – Denver/Facebook:

It’s that time of year to haul out the chart showing the annual number of days having a high temperature of 90+ degrees in Denver. Through today, June 25th, we have had 14 days of 90+. How many will we get this year? Well, the last day of 90+ ever recorded in Denver was on October 1st, 1892, so we really won’t know till fall. Fall sounds good about now.
National Weather Service – Forecast Office:
At 3:34 PM MDT Monday, June 25th, the temperature at Denver International Airport reached 105 degrees.  This ties the ALL time record high temperature ever recorded in Denver (also reached on July 20, 2005 and August 8, 1878.  This reading breaks the all time JUNE record high temperature (previous 104 degrees) in Denver, and also marks four consecutive days of 100+ heat.

2 Responses to “Gettin Hot in Here – Denver”

  1. otter17 Says:

    Hah, that music video again.

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