First Floating Wind Turbine Installation

June 19, 2012

There was a flurry of discussion of offshore wind power potential in yesterday’s comments. Here’s good news.

This is the technology  that will open up huge areas offshore, along the coasts, and in the Great Lakes.


We’ve been following the Principle Power and Vestas offshore floating wind turbine and floating WindFloat foundation for awhile. The exciting news is that today it was finally announced the the floating turbine was inaugurated on Friday, June 16.

“In addition to being the first offshore wind turbine in Portugal, this is the first offshore wind turbine to be installed without the use of any heavy lift vessels or piling equipment at sea,” Principle Power announced today. “All final assembly, installation and pre-commissioning of the turbine and substructure took place on land in a controlled environment. The complete system was then wet-towed offshore using simple tug vessels.”

The WindFloat is equipped with a Vestas v80 2.0MW turbine capable of producing enough electricity for 1,300 households. The system is located 5km off the coast of Aguçadoura, Portugal, and has already produced in excess of 1.7 GWh. The WindFloat ushers in a new era in the offshore wind industry permitting utilities to target the highest quality wind resources, independent of water depth. In addition, projects can realize significant cost and risk reductions as a result of the onshore fabrication and commissioning scheme.

The successful installation and on-going operations of the WindFloat in Portugal is the result of hard work and foresight on part of the WindPlus joint venture, comprised of EDP, Repsol, Principle Power, ASM, Vestas Wind Systems A/S and InovCapital including a subsidy from the Innovation Support Fund (Fundo de Apoio à Inovação – FAI). Additionally, over 60 other European suppliers, 40 of them Portuguese, supplied key components to the project. Repsol has recently joined the Windplus JV as a significant shareholder bringing additional offshore experience and operational capabilities to the project team.


7 Responses to “First Floating Wind Turbine Installation”

  1. […] There was a flurry of discussion of offshore wind power potential in yesterday’s comments. Here’s good news. This is the technology  that will open up huge areas offshore, along the co…  […]

  2. The wind power revolution is on its way and it is huge. Its a major player in the renewable revolution and is unstoppable. When electric vehicles become more prominent, they will be part of the storage for wind energy, solar, geothermal, wave, and tidal energy. The changes have been fast and they will continue. Who knows how much will be achieved in five or ten years.

  3. miffedmax Says:

    Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but notice a diesel/electric hybrid car won the 24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend. You know, there may actually be something to this green technology thing.

  4. Bruce Miller Says:

    ” 2.0MW turbine capable of producing enough electricity for 1,300 households. ”
    Does this imply ‘American Dreamers” McMansions ? Here in Canada, in my modest home we hardly consume more than one fith of that amount of electricity!
    Straw Bale homes here in Canada, with R – 60 walls, Passive Solar orientations. LED or CFL lights, modest wood stoves, hardly require such large amounts of electricity. Canada has legalized hemp as a crop now, and Brittain has developed a load bearing high R factor hemp block for very cheap, fast, low skill, home erection. Most important factor here is to avoid at all costs the Great Corporate American Propaganda Whore’s mesmerizations, incantations, solicitations, and stick to practical human dwelling sizes for lower wage earning peons of this new age, the 21st century. Veggie gardens, aquacultured fisn and veggies, composting, communal sewage digestion for methane gas, solar arrays, wind turbines mini-hydro installations, chickens, ducks in the yards, phones,computers hooked up through Solar powered FM repeaters, to the rest of the world, communal responsibilities for survival, all possible today through modern technologies – hardly requiring the massive power input sugessted here. We must recognize coearly what has happened, how Capital has forsaken our unsustainable way of life, and revert or jumk into the future depending on how you see it, and a new 21st century way of life. Solar, Wind, Wave, Hydro, Tidal, Geothermal, Anaerobic digeation, all domestic all perpetual, eternal, renewable, resources and good soil, careful husbandry of that soil through composting etc, are the tools to survival for the many who find themselves at the bottom of this system.

  5. Nick Carter Says:

    Bob Chewter (@bobchewie) Says:

    June 19, 2012 at 8:30 am

    LOL…That’s a funny blog. Wonder if its author(s) know about the agressive wind and solar projects in Afghanistan, currently deployed by our US military. You know, the ones that have dramatically reduced American casualties because they don’t have to make all those fuel runs with the exploding fuel trucks? And at $400.00-$700/gal. US for mogas, the ROI on said wind and solar investments will probably occur within….oh…the next couple minutes.

    I’m glad these bloggers weren’t around when those crazy bike makers from Ohio were trying to build one of them newfangled aerodromes.

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