New Apple Campus to be Enormous Solar Installation

June 10, 2012

As more and more projects of this type pave the way, builders that are wedded to the architectural practices of past centuries will eventually all come around, and all of our buildings will become net producers, instead of primary wasters,  of energy.  They will also be more beautiful, and humane, bringing greater health and productivity to those who live and work inside them.

The potential was underlined a few weeks ago, when Germany, one of the world’s most heavily  industrialized nations, was producing almost HALF of its electricity from solar collectors like Apple will install here.

The application of this kind of technology is a threat to the very existence of the fossil fuel monopoly – it strikes at the heart of the oligarchic power of the Koch Brothers and their plutocratic brethren. That’s why the climate denial machine is doing all it can to slow or stop this progress.


The city of Cupertino, Calif., has posted online numerous floor plans and rendering of Apple’s proposed Campus 2 building.

The additional images of Campus 2 show more sides and aspects of the building Apple is hoping to build to house an additional 13,000 employees

The city posted the floor plans and renderings Thursday.

Apple hopes to begin construction later this year and move into the building, which has been described as looking like an object from outer space, by 2015.

Last month, Apple sent its neighbors in Cupterino a brochure seeking feedback. The building is  awaiting final approval from the city.

Among Campus 2’s features would be a 1,000-seat auditorium, a fitness center and a rooftop solar array that would make Apple one of the country’s largest solar power generators.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s late cofounder, announced plans for the building last year. Though he’d stepped down as CEO, Jobs pitched the project to the Cupterino City Council in June.

But while Campus 2 will certainly be an impressive building, Apple has said it will not replace 1 Infinite Loop as its main headquarters.


8 Responses to “New Apple Campus to be Enormous Solar Installation”

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  2. rpauli Says:

    Painting the Show- Boat green

  3. MorinMoss Says:

    Anyone have the nameplate rating on Apple’s solar roof? Couldn’t find it anywhere.

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