How Smart Meters Work

June 4, 2012

Smart Meters can help consumers save money by choosing when to run appliances. And they can help utilities manage the electric grid — enhancing energy efficiency. In Houston, CenterPoint Energy’s Dwayne Turner explains how they’ll work. (From the Earth: The Operators Manual series)

We started seeing the cracks in the old Soviet Union as the widespread use of copying technology began to free up information, as a network of self-publishing writers used xeroxes as their own self publishing tools.  The internet, widely reviled by Rush Limbaugh and others at the beginning as “Al Gore’s Information Superhighway” boondoggle, has proven in the Arab Spring uprising, to be potentially a tool for making information available and prying open cracks even in closed societies.

As the tools of the information age, smart grids, smart meters, and distributed generation, become more widely available, the grip of big energy on the power system will gradually be loosened, and power, both economic, and political, will devolve away from big companies, and big government, toward states, counties, communities, private companies, and individuals. Watch and be amazed.


2 Responses to “How Smart Meters Work”

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  2. neilrieck Says:

    While smart meters are smarter than so-called dumb meters, the technology gets its name by making the consumer “smarter”. For example, why do people cool the summer homes during the day when no one is home? Answer: they didn’t care until hourly rates went up during the day thus costing them more money. A smart meter nudges people into the direction of smartly saving money by finally getting around to programming the 5/7 day thermostats they’ve had installed for years but, more or less, ignored.

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