Heartland Posts Denia-Palooza Speakers List. Watt? No Monckton?

May 14, 2012

What’s Disneyland without Mickey Mouse?

That’s going to be the question on a lot crestfallen climate denier’s minds when they attend next week’s International Conference on Climate Change, aka Denia-palooza, sponsored by the Heartland Institute.

The finalized speakers list was just released, and I don’t see His Serene and Magnificent Lordship on it anywhere. Watt’s Up?
Is this an indication that his Lordship is too crazy even for professional crazies?
C’mon guys, its not like he’s the Una-bomber or something.

Maybe he’s somewhere conducting clinical trials on his cure for AIDS?


22 Responses to “Heartland Posts Denia-Palooza Speakers List. Watt? No Monckton?”

  1. Useful idiots come and go.

    And so do the vehicles the denial industry uses to drive home their dirty message. Expect Heartland to stop beating at some stage soon. Another “institute” will surely spring up as denial is still worth it financially.

    Most of us realise that we are on course to fry if we keep up the emissions at the present rate, even if the IEA have just announced a predicted doubling of oil prices by 2022. We just can’t get enough of the stuff.

    • climatehawk1 Says:

      Indeed. There is a whole raft of such “think tanks” now. I’m guessing American Traditions Institute will step in to fill the void.

  2. Well Monckton has said that he was very busy. Maybe it’s because of that. 😉

  3. Monckton is having a hard time at the moment. Nobody noticed his recent US tour, and that’s hard for a self-publicist like him!

    Maybe their supporter, The Unabomber, will put in an appearance by video link!

  4. otter17 Says:

    I wonder if Monckton supports the principle behind the Unabomber billboard?

    • dana1981 Says:

      Monckton has called climate scientists Nazis and protesters Hitler Youth. I think he’s okay with a Unabomber comparison.

      • otter17 Says:

        Possibly right, given the Monckton track record.

        I was looking at the Escalator articles from Skep Sci, and I clicked on a link to WUWT, showing the “alternative view” when going “down”.

        If found these gems of comments when browsing, from our very own resident, omnologos. I guess Greg Laden and Kim Foster are bloggers that still believe in global warming.


        “As shub noticed at BH, the graph is from skepticalscience.com, IMNSHO the last refuge of the scientifically incompetent.”

        “With Plait joined by Greg “bin” Laden and Kim Jong-Foster, it seems we’re down to the definition of model, the meaning of error and the pause in global warming that can’t be named. A farce indeed.”

        What’s with the evil mastermind comparisons?

        • climatehawk1 Says:

          I would interpret it as Anthony’s way of indicating that he endorses the concept of the Heartland billboard campaign.

        • Martin Lack Says:

          Given the apparent ominpresence (even if not omnipotence) of Omnologos, it may not be entirely ridiculous to think that he might even have been the source of the idea for the HI’s ill-fated (and possibly terminal) advertising campaign…

        • otter17 Says:

          Well, to be fair not every comment can be policed such that single comments can be made representative of the blog. Nevertheless, there does appear to be a pattern where those that espouse the conspiracy theory that climate science is anti-human, etc. are let through no problem.

          Also, there is this… which still is a sore spot for me anyway. I don’t think there has been a retraction or apology from this.

          “In the tape, aired in part on Al-Jazeera television Friday, bin Laden warns of the dangers of climate change and says that the way to stop it is to bring “the wheels of the American economy” to a halt.

          Umm, where have we heard this before?”


          • climatehawk1 Says:

            Agreed. Sorry, I read too fast and did not catch that omnologos was the source of the comment. I would draw the same inference, though–that he approves of the Heartland campaign.

          • otter17 Says:

            Eh, no problem. Frankly, I find the WUWT post on the comparison with Osama bin Laden as an “ally” more distasteful than the Heartland billboard. The difference is that one got more press.

          • climatehawk1 Says:

            The latter was part of a planned, thought-out campaign, so that makes it worse to me.

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  6. Martin Lack Says:

    No doubt they will have bottled spring water on every table, despite the fact that there is nothing generally wrong with tap water (although fracking may yet change that). No doubt also that the venue’s toilets will not be flushed using grey water or rainwater… Does someone need to remind the HI – and all corporate members of ALEC and The Atlas Network – that they seem to have failed to exploit another no-doubt lucrative facet of would-be denialism…

    Perhaps they are still working on a strategy to refute the Pentagon’s concern that the greatest security risk to the USA (to say nothing of any other state such as Israel) may arise from shortages of access to clean water; preferably one that does not involve labelling the Pentagon as the World’s greatest watermelon!

  7. I think there was a poor analogy between medicine and climate change in the above video. The Climate Deniers are funded by companies that have a stake in the matter best exemplified by the oil and gas industry. The climate scientists meanwhile provide independent analysis to reach their consensus.

    The analogy is that medical experts reach their consensus similarly. But here it is the opposite. The large pharmaceutical companies have a stake in the matter and create a consensus by influencing NIH and what gets accepted for use through very expensive procedures. Oncologists are bound by those restrictions. This leaves out medical researchers who have findings that conflict with the consensus so the new information is not considered. For example, there is overwhelming evidence that Vitamin D from sunlight and oral ingestion provide considerable protection against cancer. NIH ignores this.

    There are many peer-reviewed journal articles dating over many decades that show intravenous Vitamin C (not capsules), has a better cure rate than chemotherapy for many forms of cancer, but these are not accepted. Some doctors today have opted to treat patients with Vitamin C IV. For example, the George Washington University Medical Center has a Vitamin C IV clinic for treating cancer patients but NIH has told the maker of the vitamin C IV bags that they must stop producing them. When asked why, the response was that Vitamin C is now being considered by them to be a new drug and must go through the FDA approval process. Since Vitamin C is not patentable, there will be no source of funding to take it through the long, involved, expensive FDA processes.

    So you all probably know a lot about climate science but you probably don’t know a lot about what is happening in the alternative medical community so it is best not to use the analogy that was used in the above video.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      so, you think this guy has a cure for AIDS?

      • The doctors who are using Vitamin C IV make no claim to cure AIDS. Given the history of Vitamin C IV, I think it might at least control it and I would hope there would be some action to study it. If it would work, it would dramatically reduce the cost of treating HIV.

        In New Zealand, there was an uproar about Vitamin C IV following a story on it on their 60 Minutes news program. The government reacted by creating a new regulation that a doctor cannot refuse to administer the IV if a patient or a patient’s family requests it be used. An American doctor who uses the IV in his practice and has studied the history of its use in the U.S. spoke to a New Zealand audience about this. It’s an informative presentation drawing on many peer-reviewed journal articles for references. You can watch it by Googling it with the words Dr. Thomas Levy Vitamin C Can Cure. He starts his presentation about 5 minutes into the 1:25:02 video.

  8. is there such thing as a celebrity loony?

  9. oh this is the infamous ‘anti business cartoon’

  10. the faux news response is: ” they are presenting the global warming science’ as ‘fact’..” thats like suggesting water is ‘wet’..i call that indoctrinating our children..

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