Heartland Posts Denia-Palooza Speakers List. Watt? No Monckton?

May 14, 2012

What’s Disneyland without Mickey Mouse?

That’s going to be the question on a lot crestfallen climate denier’s minds when they attend next week’s International Conference on Climate Change, aka Denia-palooza, sponsored by the Heartland Institute.

The finalized speakers list was just released, and I don’t see His Serene and Magnificent Lordship on it anywhere. Watt’s Up?
Is this an indication that his Lordship is too crazy even for professional crazies?
C’mon guys, its not like he’s the Una-bomber or something.

Maybe he’s somewhere conducting clinical trials on his cure for AIDS?


22 Responses to “Heartland Posts Denia-Palooza Speakers List. Watt? No Monckton?”

  1. funny that faux snooze..claims theres a ‘hidden agenda’

    whats next? cancer kills is a hoax?

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