Symphony of Science: We Are Stardust

May 10, 2012

11 Responses to “Symphony of Science: We Are Stardust”

  1. bobchewie Says:

    “For if environmentalists succeed in gradually taking away our private property rights, then a free market and liberty cannot exist. Thus, it is my contention that the struggle against environmentalism is actually a struggle for liberty (using the classical liberal definition).

    Undoubtedly, environmentalists will take exception to being called illiberal socialists (but I repeat myself). Perhaps there are those of you who are alarmed about global warming and sympathize with the environmental/green movement. My response is for you to be careful with whom you associate; which leads me to provide the following quote from Dr. George Reisman’s magnum opus Capitalism:

    …it should not be surprising to see hordes of former Reds, or of those who otherwise would have become Reds, turning from Marxism and becoming the Greens of the ecology movement. It is the same fundamental philosophy in a different guise, ready as ever to wage war on the freedom and well-being of the individual. ”

    yes quite right, its an attack on the liberty and freedom of any corporation to pollute, and destroy the earth…shame on them..dirty commie so and sos..

  2. bobchewie Says:

    @peter i found this quote thats similar to the heartland poster campaign..though now out of date

    “Are there other examples of socialists that have come to embrace environmentalism? Indeed, there is an environmentalist in power today. Libya’s dictator, Muammar Al Qadhafi is an unabashed Green Socialist (I prefer to call him a Green Communist). In fact, Qadhafi has written a book that many Greens believe is the manifesto for Green Socialism. This book is titled The Green Book (it is a three volume set). I have read all three volumes and each one was quite disturbing. In this book, he talks about capitalist exploitation, money, profits, plants, animals, people, and families: all in a manner that ring familiar with the dogma chanted by such groups as Greenpeace, PETA, Earth First!, among others. The following points highlight several of Colonel Qadhafi’s views as conveyed by The Green Book:”
    (this is quoting from the above link)

    so Environmentalists are mad dictators bump them off I suppose…watchout for several ‘interventions’ on these groups

    • greenman3610 Says:

      so interesting that I have been in inner circles of extremely active environmental groups since I was a teenager, and I have never met a communist there in my life.
      but then the right wing sets a pretty low bar in their definition of communist. I don’t think Eisenhower or Goldwater would make the cut these days.

      • bobchewie Says:

        yeah i know peter what you mean…franklin d roosevelt was a commie too, apparently..??? peter wright (spycatcher) asserted that harold wilson the pm of britain was a kgb mole…

  3. bobchewie Says:

    @peter if you want a laugh pls check out the drooling at the mouth reds under the beds site..its completely mad..

  4. bobchewie Says:

    I look for the plain crazy batshit extreme stuff..especially when its proved how stupid and wrong it is..


    this site banging on about socialised medicine..thats forced on people and profoundly ‘evil’..

    it cites british socialised healthcare and how evil and orwellian.then provides links..
    if you read it reports on these ludicrous attacks and shows them for the crap they are
    then posts another link to demonstrate how british agree how evil it is

    er the link goes to twitter site where we find its ‘welovethenhs.
    thats right..its completely the opposite claim..

    stupid stupid stupid..

  5. bobchewie Says:

    @peter this is too weird..past few days ive been watching videos to do with kennedy assassination..yes thers lots of them i know but i then saw this video seems that fred koch was behind hate posters of kennedy just prior to kennedy.

  6. Actually, aren’t all the hydrogen atoms within us primoridal? Regardless, Neil deGrasse Tyson is awesome and always a breath of fresh air.

  7. Martin Lack Says:

    @1min 27 sec. What is Darth Vader’s Death Star doing orbiting Saturn?

    I think it is truly amazing to consider that everything on Earth with an atomic mass greater than that of iron (Fe) is only here as a consequence of the death of stars (i.e. super novae not Darth Vader)…

  8. otter17 Says:

    “Reaching out to the universe with these methods and tools of science.”

    Beautiful. The scientific journey we are on to understand our origins is a beautiful thing.

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