Best Damn Action Movie of the Summer: The Avengers will not be Topped This Year, or For a Long Time to Come

May 6, 2012

Full disclosure – I grew up a full on fan of the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby era of Marvel comics. Although I have liked, really liked,  some of the recent adaptations, I was sure, completely sure, – that this ensemble piece would be as disappointing and anti-climatic as the usual super  bowl.

I was completely wrong.

I’ll make this short and I’m only going to say it once – if you think you are somehow above and beyond the childish medium of comic book inspired movies, and somehow miss seeing this in a theater – you are completely cheating yourself.  This is a great movie that succeeds on every level, and even transcends its genre. (Trailer above is fun, but doesn’t come close to capturing what’s great about the film)

Mark Hughes in Forbes hit most of the high points without any spoilers.’s true: Joss Whedon has defied all of the naysayers and skeptics who thought it couldn’t be done, he defied the hardline anti-Marvel fans who didn’t want it to be done, and he defied even those of us who had high expectations but who still didn’t anticipate what was really coming our way — The Avengers is the best superhero film ever made. 


16 Responses to “Best Damn Action Movie of the Summer: The Avengers will not be Topped This Year, or For a Long Time to Come”

  1. omnologos Says:

    Oh boy oh boy oh boy…we (gasp!) agree on this (shock!) (horror!)

    Not sure I’ll manage to recover and when. Please post something about Michael Mann! 🙂

  2. omnologos Says:

    What “science” does he exactly agree on?

  3. MorinMoss Says:

    I’m going to give full credit to Joss Whedon for this film but I think Jon Favreau would have gotten it right also.
    It’s great to see that it doesn’t disappoint given the several years of hype and buildup.

  4. Nick Carter Says:

    Waay cool! Can’t decide if I should see it tomorrow (my Friday)…or hit the gym tomorrow so I can toss back some pizza before I head out on Tuesday night to see it! I think I just solved that puzzle.

  5. Peter,

    I was going to go and see The Avengers, but the film I’ve been anticipating most this year is Iron Sky, particularly as it is an independent Finnish production, in English. Check it out:

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