Heartland Institute Poster Fail

May 4, 2012

What the hell. It’s Friday. I’ll play.

Heartland Institute, the purveyors of climate disinformation and fine tobacco promotions, has begun a billboard campaign using the images of mass murderers and psychopaths to represent science literate citizens who understand climate change.

Lovely, right?

I couldn’t help but create my own. Rather like shooting fish in a barrel.

Kind of like eating peanuts. I could do this all day, but more important tasks beckon.

52 Responses to “Heartland Institute Poster Fail”

  1. bobchewie Says:

    haha…..here we go Faux Snooze item..

    Aliens Could Attack Earth to End Global Warming, NASA Scientist Frets


  2. bobchewie Says:

    @peter..regarding the word ‘trick’ which was cited in those east anglia emails…well i am from britain and have often used the word ‘trick’ as to suggest ‘a method’ and NOT con people …the same applies to ‘hide’ ie to filter…and NOT deliberatley remove to make secret..
    either deniers know this and are willfully ignorant..or suffer from british to american translation..

  3. […] continues from Heartland’s Unabomber billboard face plant. It’s true, the Universe bends toward justice, and then sometimes it just breaks open like a […]

  4. Lazarus Says:

    I couldn’t help create a few either. Some other alternative posters can be found on my blog;

  5. daryan12 Says:

    Greenman, I would note that while you or I may well look on Bachmann or Palin as pair of balloon headed “dumb WASP” religious wacko’s, but to the Tea Party or Faux News (the ultimate audience of the Heartland institute) they are “intellectuals” and “great leaders”, so I won’t be surprised if the damage limitation program involves producing posters much like this….but not with Joe Camel or (a real)dick Cheney :

    • bobchewie Says:

      why are they producing some of the stupidest people as leaders..i breifly looked at a conspiracy theory that suggested a person discoved some documents whereby a plan to dumb down people had been drawn up..

    • greenman3610 Says:

      I am more than fine with them playing up Palin, Bachman, or any of the other generally-recognized-as-cretinous fox news spokespeople as their fronts. It just further relegates their message to the right wing echo-chamber ghetto.

  6. […] other week the Right-wing Heartland Institute began putting up posters with a picture of Unabomber Ted Kaczynski (scary that my spellchecker knows the word […]

  7. […] Forum video explores a phrase popularized — or more likely made infamous — by the recent Heartland Institute Chicago highway poster featuring Unabomber Ted Kaczynski: “murderers, tyrants, and […]

  8. […] cartellone dilettava media vecchi e nuovi: Climatecroks, Lucia Graves (altre parodie), Washington Post, Guardian, Media Matters ecc. Di certo […]

  9. […] cartellone dilettava media vecchi e nuovi: Climatecroks, Lucia Graves (altre parodie), Washington Post, Guardian, Media Matters ecc. Di certo […]

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