Heartland Institute Poster Fail

May 4, 2012

What the hell. It’s Friday. I’ll play.

Heartland Institute, the purveyors of climate disinformation and fine tobacco promotions, has begun a billboard campaign using the images of mass murderers and psychopaths to represent science literate citizens who understand climate change.

Lovely, right?

I couldn’t help but create my own. Rather like shooting fish in a barrel.

Kind of like eating peanuts. I could do this all day, but more important tasks beckon.


52 Responses to “Heartland Institute Poster Fail”

  1. Icis Bokonon Says:

    Those billboards are fine, but too easy.

    Here’s mine:



  2. bobchewie Says:

    the global warming ‘movement’ is dead.- apparently.


  3. bobchewie Says:

    the global warming hoax…so its ‘movement’ then its cooked up by dangerous criminals and its also a hoax.. i wish they’d make up their minds…


  4. bobchewie Says:

    aha my favourite of all paranoid drooling at the mouth lunatic sites…commieblaster


  5. bobchewie Says:

    this is adam smith policy applied to the er…oceans..

    toll roads….in the sea.


  6. bobchewie Says:

    oh it gets even more bizarre..

    Lord Monckton to Pursue Fraud Charges Against Climategate Scientists


  7. bobchewie Says:

    btw i found this from a couple of years back.

    Ocean Acidification: ‘Evil Twin’ Threatens World’s Oceans, Scientists Warn


  8. bobchewie Says:

    this is touching on the bloody surreal..


    The film takes a strongly denialist view of current scientific thinking on climate change. It argues that the consensus on climate change is the product of “a multibillion-dollar worldwide industry: created by fanatically anti-industrial environmentalists; supported by scientists peddling scare stories to chase funding; and propped up by complicit politicians and the media”.

    multibillion dollar industry? now where have i heard that before..

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