Reposted. Wind Turbines will Blow Earth Out of Orbit (The Onion)

May 2, 2012

Put hot liquids down. The Onion brings us more from Windbaggers on the threats from Big Wind power. And you thought they were just kidding.

14 Responses to “Reposted. Wind Turbines will Blow Earth Out of Orbit (The Onion)”

  1. ahaveland Says:

    Satirizing such a serious subject worries me – what proportion of the American population might not actually realise that it is satire and actually take it on face-value?
    Perhaps it’s worth a factual disclaimer, just to make sure.

    • Alex Edstrom Says:

      “Solar energy is sucking the sun dry”

      Even if you don’t understand satire, it doesn’t get more obvious than that.

      Also, this is what comment sections are designed to do. Tell people who don’t get it that things are satirical.

      On a serious note, how many people come across an Onion video and don’t realize that it’s a big joke? I couldn’t name any….

      • Mike Says:

        Hi Alex

        I used to subscribe to the Onion’s Youtube channel and everytime they posted a new video, somewhere in the first page or two of comments would be someone who believed it was real.

  2. Mike Says:

    Bloody hell! When did The Onion STOP doing satire?

  3. dana1981 Says:


  4. Martin Lack Says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah… just as tidal energy barrages will slow the Earth’s spin down; and solar farms will no doubt make the Sun cool down.

    This just demonstrates why, unfortunately, climate change denial will only be eliminated by better science education in schools; and/or adult re-education in Siberian gulags.

  5. havinasnus Says:

    WUWT have posted that they had predicted this 12 years ago.

  6. Peter Mizla Says:

    Amazingly, some idiots will ‘buy’ this.

  7. […] [Courtesy of The Onion, hat tip to Climate Crocks]. […]

  8. Nick Carter Says:

    Actually, I may have a solution to the potential problem associated with too many wind turbines causing changes in earth’s rotation: Why not orient the pointy side of the windmills along the west coast one way, and orient the pointy side of an equal number of windmills to the east on the east coast. The forces cancel each other out, establishing homeostasis! Don’t tell too many people about this…I want to get a Nobel Prize!

  9. owlbrudder Says:

    I’m more concerned about the wind getting into my water supply and giving me wind on the brain, like the nice lady said. Pass me another pure coal snack bar, will ya Mabel?

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