How to Talk to a Climate Ostrich: The Pentagon and Climate Change

April 24, 2012

Another edition of a new multi part series from the producers of Earth: An Operators Manual.

BTW, comparing ostriches to climate deniers does a grave injustice to Ostriches. It turns out, according to Wiki, that:

Contrary to popular belief, Ostriches do not bury their heads in sand.[34] This myth likely began with Pliny the Elder (AD 23-79), who wrote that Ostriches “imagine, when they have thrust their head and neck into a bush, that the whole of their body is concealed.”[35]

Animals generally live in the moment and do what is required. It is human beings who have mastered the arts of living in the past, lying to ourselves, ignoring what our senses tell us, and hiding in the shadows of projection, compartmentalization, repression, and  denial.


7 Responses to “How to Talk to a Climate Ostrich: The Pentagon and Climate Change”

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  2. Martin Lack Says:

    On the subject of strange (non-human) animal behaviour, have you ever wondered why animals like sheep will generally run away from an approaching car but never leave the road? This seems completely insane to us humans but, to the sheep it seems, the car is a predator that must be kept directly behind it: Unlike a wilderbeast running from a lion, the sheep thinks its best chance of escaping is to out-run the predator; and it sees changing direction as inviting the predator to cut the corner and capture it… Are sheep the only animals to do this?

  3. otter17 Says:

    The military doesn’t have time for nonsense and knows a lot about risk mitigation.

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