Yet More Evidence: Wind Farm does Not Reduce Home Values

April 19, 2012

Toronto Star:

A Wolfe Island couple’s argument that nearby wind turbines significantly decreased their home’s value has been rejected by Ontario’s assessment review board.

The appeal by Ed and Gail Kenney was being closely watched in rural Ontario, where turbine developments have provoked both support and opposition in local communities.

But the board said the Kenneys had failed to prove that the turbines scattered around their waterfront home have reduced its value.

“We’re incredibly disappointed,” Ed Kenney said in an interview.

“We’re not dissuaded,” he said. “We have concerns that our rights to fair and unbiased representation in the face of a province completely driven by the current agenda have been trampled.”

MPAC, the Municipal Property Assessment Corp., assessed the property near Kingston, Ont., at $357,000 in 2009.

That was up from the earlier level of $200,000, which had been set before a major wind power development came to Wolfe Island.

This is not a surprise to anyone that’s been actually following the issue. Lawrence Berkeley Labs concluded as much in a comprehensive 2009 study –

…based on the data sample and analysis presented here, no evidence is found that home prices surrounding wind facilities are consistently, measurably, and significantly affected by either the view of wind facilities or the distance of the home to those facilities. Although the analysis cannot dismiss the possibility that individual homes or small numbers of homes have been or could be negatively impacted, it finds that if these impacts do exist, they are either too small and/or too infrequent to result in any widespread, statistically observable impact. Moreover, to the degree that homes and wind facilities in this sample are similar to homes and facilities in other areas of the United States, the results presented here are expected to be transferable to other areas.


7 Responses to “Yet More Evidence: Wind Farm does Not Reduce Home Values”

  1. And yet strangely, if you talk to REAL ESTATE agents, who work everyday with this sort of thing, people will take a home without a turbine in sight, any day over one where they can see a turbine. You might also want to ask the contractor in Port Elgin who had people walk away from sales agreements due to a wind turbine going up near their subdivision, whether there was any affect on his sales.

    And why is it now mandatory, in Ontario, that you HAVE to disclose in any house sale agreement, whether there are any future plans for wind development in the area. Like the disclosure clauses that they used to have for UFI? Wonder why that is.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      in part because of the far right wing disinformation campaign about wind power, which I will be further exposing
      in upcoming videos and posts. Climate Deniers and Windbaggers hope that if they repeat something often enough it will become true. This worked for Dorothy, but she had magic ruby slippers.
      So go back and tell your handlers that I’m coming after them, they are liars, and their lies will be exposed.

  2. Actually, I know for a fact that in Ontario, you MUST disclose any plans for wind turbines to be built in your area, having just sold a house a couple of months ago. You HAVE to disclose any information about possible wind turbines being erected, or else the buyers can either come back on you, or walk away.

    I would still like to know why that is if there’s no effect.

  3. Dadgummit. A rumor from that famous well known person Donna Quixote is all I need to get me movin away from them pesky windmills. I think I’ll just find my self a nice shack somewhere by a gas station, with a nice view of coal smokestacks. Not too far from that highway overpass and that cell phone tower though. I hate dropped calls. Kinda quaint aint it?

  4. MorinMoss Says:

    I can see the rabid blowhards at Wind Concerns Ontario getting a knicker-twist out of this. They are pretty quick to shout down any thing that casts even the slightest positive aspect to wind power generation.

    I can understand being impassioned by the WCO crowd is so polarized I wonder is they’re descendants of US rightwing draft dodgers.

  5. […] In Ontario, a couple claiming that their home’s value has been devalued from nearby wind turbines has had the claim rejected by MPAC, the Municipal Property Assessment Corp. /* Filed Under: Business & Economy, Clean Energy, Green Jobs, Investment, Manufacturing, Wind Energy Tagged With: alta wind, Asia, Asia wind power, bull hill, Bull Hill wind project, California, california wind, edf, EDF Energies Nouvelles, EDF Energies Nouvelles wind, EDF Energies Nouvelles wind power, Enea, Enea wind, Enea wind power, First Wind, hancock county, hancock county wind, hancock county wind farm, Iberdrola, illinois wind education, illinois wind energy, Illinois wind power, Italy, italy wind power, Jade Werke, Jade Werke wind, Jade Werke wind power, main wind power, Maine, Million Solar Roofs, Mitsui, Mitsui wind, Mitsui wind power, Morocco, morocco wind power, Ontario, ontario wind farm house values, Poland, poland wind, poland wind farm, poland wind power, scotland, scotland clean energy, scotland renewable energy, scotland wind, scotland wind power, Sicily, Sicily wind farm, Sicily wind power project, UK, UK clean energy, uk renewable energy, uk wind, UK wind energy, uk wind power, vestas, wind farms, wind power house values, wind power projects About Zachary ShahanIf you couldn't guess, I spend most of my time on CleanTechnica and Planetsave. I'm the director/editor of both sites and am a little obsessed with them and the topics they cover. I'm also Publishing Services Manager at Important Media, which means that I do everything I can to support other Important Media writers, editors, and directors (as well as the network as a whole) in the good work they are engaged in. You can also find my work on Scientific American, Reuters,, most of the sites in the Important Media network, & many other places. For more, or to connect, go to: /* […]

  6. […] In Ontario, a couple claiming that their home’s value has been devalued from nearby wind turbines has had the claim rejected by MPAC, the Municipal Property Assessment Corp. […]

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