Heat + Frost = Complete Wipeout of Michigan Grapes. Deniers – They Just Need More CO2

April 19, 2012

Clueless deniers continue to tell me that “CO2 is Good for plants”.  Obviously it’s good in a controlled lab or greenhouse environment. The rest of us, particularly farmers, have to live in the inconvenient real world – where droughts, floods, and extreme heat events like we had this march, have actual effects.

Watch carefully here to see if you see any mention of March’s extreme heat as the set-up for this frost disaster. (much less any mention of the climate change that made it much more likely to happen, and continue happening…)

ABC57 News:

SAINT JOSEPH, Mich. – For Welch’s grape growers, it was the most devastating frost in Michigan’s history. That’s according to the National Grape Cooperation, better known as Welch’s Foods.

Cold temperatures wiped out 95 percent of all the juice grapes in Berrien, Cass and Van Buren County.

“You know it’s a complete wipeout,” said John Jasper, a surveyor for Welch’s Foods. Jasper said more than 10,000 acres of juice grapes were destroyed Thursday morning across Southwest Michigan.

Jasper had a difficult job Friday. He and two other Welch’s surveyors tried to figure out how many grapes the company could expect this year at harvest. “I went through hundreds of acres before I found a spot that had a live bud,” he said.

“I’ve probably been to 100 farms in the last two days,” said Jasper. “The majority (are destroyed) 95 percent.”

According to the National Grape Cooperation, Berrien, Cass and Van Buren farmers collected $24 million in 2011. Jasper said in 2012 they would be lucky to net $2 million.

The situation gets worse for Paul Bixby of Bixby Orchards in Berrien Springs. “Mostly on this tree, everything is gone,” Bixby said pointing out a devastated apple orchard.

Bixby didn’t only lose the grapes. He estimates Thursday’s frost killed half of his apple crop. “You can see the black and you can see five in that cluster. All of them look the same.”

“A lot of these guys know the numbers and they know they’re in trouble,” said Jasper. He said so many juice grapes are gone it’s not cost effective for farmers to harvest the grapes that survived.

Jasper said Welch’s Foods gets one-sixth of their grapes from Southwest Michigan. “This is probably our worst year,” he said. The frost could force the company to change its recipe for some of its products.

Congressman Fred Upton’s office said Friday they support a disaster declaration for Southwest Michigan’s vineyards.

Ask yourself if Congressman Fred Upton made the connection with climate induced extreme weather. hmm. Might be an interesting call to make….

Below, my first video from 3 years ago on the “CO2/Plants” canard.


2 Responses to “Heat + Frost = Complete Wipeout of Michigan Grapes. Deniers – They Just Need More CO2”

  1. What I found interesting in the piece is that Fred Upton, a Republican, is anxious to obtain Federal Relief funds for farmers in his district. As a conservative Republican, I always assumed principle would prevail over politics.

  2. […] Heat + Frost = Complete Wipeout of Michigan Grapes. Deniers – They Just Need More CO2 (climatecrocks.com) […]

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