Show this to a Denier and Stand Back: Margaret Thatcher on Climate Change will Explode Heads

April 11, 2012

Guess she wasn’t listening to “Lord” Monckton very closely. I’ve been looking for this clip for a while. It shows what the value is of a political leader with a science background. (Thatcher was trained as a chemist)

Worth listening in its entirety, but key passage begins at about 5:40.

Apologize for poor sound synch/quality, if I can fix it I will.

55 Responses to “Show this to a Denier and Stand Back: Margaret Thatcher on Climate Change will Explode Heads”

  1. bobchewie Says:

    quod si vita plena nulla cura considerare stantes

    • owlbrudder Says:

      quod si vita plena nulla cura considerare stantes?

      Hmmmm. My schoolboy Latin is not up to this, but Google Translate gives me “Quod plena life is nothing to consider carefully stantes”. Looks like Google and I are stumped. ‘Quod’ ~= ‘Which”, ‘plena’ ~= ‘full’, ‘stantes’ ~= ‘standing’, so the whole thing looks like “This full life is nothing to consider standing”, which still makes no sense. “8-[

      OK – I have exposed my higgorance – can someone give me the real translation please?

  2. bobchewie Says:

    i’ve wondered what the infamous ‘derek and clive’ dialogues would sound like in latin…

    hoc bloke venit ad me et dicit” vobis cunnus”

  3. Ted Nation Says:

    Any chance you could get someone to transcribe this by someone who understands her accent and who has better sound reproduction equiipment that I do?

  4. omnologos Says:

    Obviously not a soul around here is familiar with the old motto of the Royal Society. I wonder why.

    Anyway…the idea that some old video with a long-past politician saying this or that would be of any relevance about today, or make heads “explode”, is only revealing of an innate willingness on the part of climate change alarmist/believers to follow this or that “leader”. And that’s exactly the opposite of the old motto of the Royal Society.

    • bobchewie Says:

      i just found this, not exactly off topic but sort of related:its from this site:

      “The Satanic revolt seduces in the name of fairness, equality, liberty, free love, and peace. It appeals to pride, licentiousness, and resentment and justifies itself in the name of progress, evolution, and science.”

      heres more:

      “Peter Jones, author of “Spirit Wars: Pagan Revival in Christian America” connects progressive Christian Liberalism to ancient devilish Gnosticism, saying they are kindred-spirits. He points to progressive Liberalism as the carrier of the occult spiritual virus (satanic revolt) into the Body of the Church where it acts to divide Christians against each other.”

      so joining up these dots we get: liberal=devil worshipper/science believer..

      therefore we must conclude that christian conservative and climate change denier..must somehow go together if I’m reading that right..I’m now looking for references to bible and gun ownership…

      if so then teabaggers are gods chosen people..
      in that case -we are doomed.

      please comment back folks I’d like to hear from you all.

    • Mike Says:

      As long as “”Lord” I can cure AIDS” Monkton is out and about spouting his drivel and claiming to have been an advisor to Margaret Thatcher then of course anything Margaret Thatcher said at the time relating to human induced climate change is relevant. I can understand though why you would want to try and sweep the obvious contradictions to what is posited by your denialist posterchild under the rug. He really is rather embarrassing isn’t he?

      As for the Royal Society Motto, your statement is so ironic it beggars belief. So many of your ilk cut and paste garbage from other deniers without bothering to check the voracity of any of the outrageous claims made. We, the reasonable people, understand the scientific method and scientific conventions and recognise our own limitations in regard to complex science and so will defer to experts….real experts. To pretend you somehow know more than relevant experts is the height of arrogance, but here is my suggestion to you. If you ever require complex medical intervention, I suggest you do the world a favour and adopt the Royal Society’s motto yourself when the relevant medical EXPERT suggests a treatment option. Instead, go and find a retired vet and get their advice.

      • bobchewie Says:

        monkton is a twat, some of us lefties were staring incredulously at this phoney lord who was spouting his detached world view.garbage.bordering on the eugenics…and keeping the lower orders in their place..he’s not a scientist and knows bugger all, except making himself rich…and important..he is as important as a flea shitting on the top of mt everest..

    • bobchewie Says:

      you’re a twat..monkton is a twat..he has nothing worthwhile to say other than telling his donors who to make the checque out to…he impresses not very bright americans because he’s a toff UK we think of him very differently..a stuck up loony nasty eugenics loving creep.
      he’s not even eccentric enough to be a buffoon.

      • omnologos Says:

        Not sure what qualifies for you guys as “twat” and/or “ilk” but boy you do sound just as enraged as a paganism-fighting christian fundamentalist!!

        Perhaps that’s why you like to read that sort of garbage.

        • bobchewie Says:

          not reallly , I just like to point out the bloody obvious to the mypoic …you show the same arrogance as monkton re ‘ilk’
          I had the displeasure of meeting monkton once..who lectured me about what he’d like to see happen with the ‘poor’ he thought something should be done to stop them from breeding..but also went on to say if that happened who would shine his shoes for him..the only garbage is the denier tripe you read and believe..oh well nevermind, i need to go and buy food today but i cant get out as its raining and snowing at the same time, but i guess that normal..

        • bobchewie Says:

          btw re your pagan fighting christian fundamentalist comment..oddly enough those chaps seem to be on the same side as the denier camp..something to do with this pesky darwin bod..and this ‘science’ tosh that they brainwash kids in school with..

          • omnologos Says:

            Bob – if I quote the Royal Society and you’re Google-challenged to the point of believing I was trying to drop in some Latin quote or something, it is not really my fault if I look “arrogant” to your uninformed eyes, is it.

            As for who is on whose side, there is plenty of unsavoury characters both among the alarmists and the ultra-skeptics. I’d keep that away from any reasoning here if I were you.

            My observation was only about the unlimited rage, all too often found among the Believers in Doom, be that coming from paganism or people having questions about future climate change. In hindsight, that rage should be well expected.

          • Mike Says:

            You aren’t seriously trying to convince Bob that you’ve shifted towards the centre with that little dance? That is laughable.

          • bobchewie Says:

            i’m not ‘enraged’ ..just mildly baffled as to why someone standing on a railroad track is saying..whats the problem?

          • omnologos Says:

            Mike – I have no hope to refute your preconceptions, none at all.

            Bob – the actual analogy would see you standing on the same railroad track.

          • Martin Lack Says:

            Hi there Maurizio. I like the analogy myself, as it induces the appropriate sense of panic in anyone who as ever walked across such tracks or watched any of those crazy You Tube videos of children playing “chicken” or people just being plain stupid…

            However, I think the best way to conceive the actual analogy is this: You are on the railroad track facing the wrong way and asking what the problem is, whereas we are are standing to one side trying to get you to step off… Only one problem, we are handcuffed to you and are unable to move you. Therefore, you must choose to save yourself and us.

          • bobchewie Says:

            that could apply to denier and non denier

  5. bobchewie Says:

    this is so whacko its untrue:

    “Socialists recognize each other by the words, “In the name of the one to whom a great wrong has been done….Satan (is) the eternal rebel, the first freethinker and the emancipator of worlds.”

    All who hope to enter the New Age will have to receive his mark and be infernally sealed for all eternity.

  6. bobchewie Says:

    oh related essays it cites:
    Darwinism: Devilish Gnostic Myth Dressed Up As Science

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