Matt Groening Reveals Where Springfield is. Tennessee Confirms Where Dogpatch is.

April 11, 2012


Well, now we know! In an interview with Smithsonian, creator Matt Groening revealed which of the United States’ many Springfields is home to the iconic dysfunctional family.

Place your bets, because here’s the answer…

“Springfield was named after Springfield, Oregon,” Groening said—and Simpsons fans everywhere exhaled.


Tennessee enacted a law Tuesday that critics contend allows public school teachers to challenge climate change and evolution in their classrooms without fear of sanction.

Republican Gov. Bill Haslam allowed the controversial measure to become law without his signature and, in a statement, expressed misgivings about it. Nevertheless, he ignored pleas from educators, parents and civil libertarians to veto the bill.

The law does not require the teaching of alternatives to scientific theories of evolution, climate change and “the chemical origins of life.” Instead, it aims to prevent school administrators from reining in teachers who expound on alternative hypotheses to those topics.

6 Responses to “Matt Groening Reveals Where Springfield is. Tennessee Confirms Where Dogpatch is.”

  1. bobchewie Says:

    one day they will outlaw evolution teaching

  2. Mike Says:

    I sit back in Australia and watch with interest and sometimes disbelief at the goings on in the USA in many areas, especially the rampant anti-science campaigns being propagated on two main fronts. It seems to be a nation of two extremes, or at least those sitting in the middle ground are either quietly apathetic or struggle to get a word in and be heard. In terms of the ultra-religious pushing their garbage upon the education system, bystanders could be forgiven for thinking the country is de-evolving.

    How can a nation that put a man on the moon still hold on to superstition so fervently? The fact that people running for office have to pretend they are god-fearing churchgoers to get elected is mindboggling.

  3. owlbrudder Says:

    Living in Australia, where we are not persecuted if we do *not* subscribe to religious fanaticism, it is hard to imagine what life must be like in places like Iran and Tennessee, where only those expressing fanatical views based upon religious fundamentalism, not facts or reason, seem to be allowed to hold high office. The USA is becoming a basket case financially and intellectually. How long before it becomes a pariah state, as despised and unpredictable as those it is currently trying to control?

    The rest of the world has reason to be concerned about the sanity of those whose fingers are on the nuclear button in the United States, just as we are concerned about those who are in similar positions in Iran, Korea, Pakistan, China, India, the UK, Russia and any other state or organisation with nuclear pretensions.

    When dogma trumps intelligence, bad outcomes become inevitable.

  4. otter17 Says:

    Who can best combat the well-funded anti-evolution crowd effectively? I was thinking about making a good-sized donation to American Atheists.

    Rational people should not let this type of insanity slip by without a fight.

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