Heartland’s Truth-Challenged Harrison Schmitt Trolls NASA Nursing Home for New “List of Scientists”

April 11, 2012

I won’t bother to link to it here, but you may be hearing on the inter-tubes about a “list of NASA Scientists”  who deny global warming.

When you want to present something as “scientific” that strays far beyond the boundaries of the mainstream,  you have to take your “scientists” where you can get them. In the past, we’ve seen climate deniers present petition lists of orthodontists,  podiatrists, and veterinarians as “proof'” of a controversy about climate change.

Now,  Harrison Schmitt, ex-astronaut, and a board member at the Oil and Tobacco shilling Heartland Institute, whose own shaky scientific integrity is documented in the video above, has apparently trolled the ranks of retired right wing NASA engineers (don’t see any climate specialists on this list) for yet another anti-factual denialosphere non-news story. Schmidt was famously rejected for a post heading the New Mexico Department of Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources after accounts of his scientific distortions surfaced. He is also noted for appearing on the Moon-bat Conspiracy theory Alex Jones show to discuss his theory that the “environmental movement has been taken over by communists”.

Presumably, Schmitt and Heartland will be following up with a list of Doctors who prefer Camels.


26 Responses to “Heartland’s Truth-Challenged Harrison Schmitt Trolls NASA Nursing Home for New “List of Scientists””

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