Heartland: The Leading Edge of Ignorance

April 3, 2012

The Heartland Institute is attempting to mine a rich load of ignorance in America’s, well, Heartland.

Like the Joe Camel campaign, and cigarette ads that Heartland has so enthusiastically defended for decades,  the recent spate of proposed laws  aimed at undermining science education targets the most vulnerable population.  They are meant to destroy the idea of objective fact, institutionalize a Fox News alternative reality, and render young people more ignorant, more angry, more compliant, and more helpless to even understand what is being done to them.

5 Responses to “Heartland: The Leading Edge of Ignorance”

  1. mrsircharles Says:

    A pity I can’t watch the video from Europe.

    “This video contains content from Current TV LLC, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”


    • pendantry Says:

      I get the same. And I’ve been seeing it more often, recently. So much for the innerwebz fostering international communication and understanding.

  2. Alteredstory Says:

    Huh. Maybe there’s hope for Huffington Post’s science reporting. They’ve been pretty pathetic so far, but maybe they’ll be able to come up with a decent science section over time…

  3. Is there any statement from Heartland supporting this bill? I looked on their site and googled their name but could not find anything more substantial that “The person overseeing the ALEC committee that adopted the model legislation, Alexandra “Sandy” Liddy Bourne, who happens to be the daughter of notorious Watergate operative G. Gordon Liddy, left ALEC some time ago to work for the Heartland Institute… ” (source)

  4. TYT is running a whole week of shows bringing the climate change to the public in a way that all news stations should.

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