The Weekend Wonk: Liquid Metal Batteries

March 31, 2012

18 Responses to “The Weekend Wonk: Liquid Metal Batteries”

  1. MorinMoss Says:

    Not to knock a new & promising tech but I don’t see what the advantage of the magnesium-antimony battery over the sodium-sulfur

    The Mg_Sb cell is twice as hot and at ~69% efficiency, is almost 20% less efficient than a NaS battery.

    It may be less corrosive than NaS but that seems to be the only advantage.

  2. owlbrudder Says:

    It is interesting to see energy stored per $ going up all the time, across a range of techniques. These liquid metal batteries may provide a cheaper alternative than traditional deep-cycle batteries for off-grid dwellings, which bodes well for third-world economies.

    Questions in my mind cover such matters as expected life, safety in the environment and energy density, although the latter looks pretty good if a shipping container could store enough energy for a small community.

    It will be fascinating to see how this technology plays out commercially.

  3. Would commenters to a post with a video please watch the video BEFORE commenting. “My” statement about storage was NOT “my” statement, rather a very simplified form of what Mr Sadoway had said during his presentation.

    • MorinMoss Says:

      I would ask that commenters who post statements that are not their own opinion indicate this, as it’s really not difficult.

      For example:

      1) It’s seems that Mr Sadoway is implying that “No batteries = no wind + no solar”
      2) So the speaker believes that wind & solar energy, without responsive storage, is impractical or problematic.

      And it takes only a few words to make your own position quite clear.

      “Sadoway thinks that wind & solar energy, without fast storage is useless | troublesome | unreliable” – followed by “I concur” or “I do not agree”

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