Monckton and Watts Cut and Run from Debate. Blame “hateful” Climate Crocks.

March 27, 2012

I normally ignore the inside baseball back-and-forth that occupies too many people’s time on the blog-o-sphere, but this is just too hilarious.

Readers may remember last week, His Esteemed Splendiforousness “Lord” Christopher Monckton was formally challenged to a point by point debate by the video blogger Potholer (Peter Hadfield), who had produced a series of videos (see example above) eviscerating one by one His Infallible Excellency’s talking points, and providing the primary source material in doing so.

Faced with real, checkable, online debate, where he would have to name his sources, put it in writing, and provide links for readers to fact check him (hmmm..sort of the way I do it in this video series) His CowardlyLion-ness decided to, well, run.

The host of the discussion, Pseudo-Science enthusiast Anthony Watts, told his faithful last weekend that, after I released a video of a Skype interview with Potholer discussing the situation, he would no longer provide a platform for discussion, since Potholer was “colluding” with that “hateful greenman”.

Monckton will hopefully find the time to come back to WUWT and be ready to debate his critics.
Looking forward to it.

REPLY: While I can’t hear what Hadfield is saying (he sounds like a British mumble to me) they seem totally infatuated with their manhunt, so much for Hadfield’s repeated claims of being “dispassionate and logical”. Thanks for posting this. When he starts colluding with that hateful “greenman”, all semblance of rational debate is destroyed.

This video then cements my decision not to provide any further space to Hadfield here. – Anthony

Although I let Potholer do most of the talking in the video, I will admit to an occasional smirk and raised eyebrow, which must have been too much for Watt’s delicately balanced psyche. For that I apologize.

I’ll say that I’m disappointed because I had laid in a 6 week supply of popcorn for the event.

28 Responses to “Monckton and Watts Cut and Run from Debate. Blame “hateful” Climate Crocks.”

  1. […] video then cements my decision not to provide any further space to Hadfield here. – AnthonyYou can read it all on Climate Crocks. Categories: Climate Change Tags: Christopher Monckton, Greenman3610, Peter Hadfield, Peter […]

  2. mrsircharles Says:

    Speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

    These liars (Watts, Monckton et al) are only interested in misinforming the public.


  3. otter17 Says:

    Haha, this is just too good.

  4. mrsircharles Says:

    If you’tr hoing to the Wattsupwiththat website and read all the comments then you know what “hateful” is.

    BTW, there is a nice alternative =>


    • greenman3610 Says:

      Watts presides over a sewer of hatred and disinformation, but pretends to be a rationalist. The reason he hates/fears climate crocks above all others is because humor and sarcasm eat away at his pompous exterior like acid.

  5. Both Watts and Monckton have to come up with an explanation to themselves such that they are the good guys, and it is perfectly reasonable to cut and run from talking to such biased and hateful people as Greenman and Potholer. It is amazing that the flock fall for this.

    Perpetrators of harm always quickly forget the things that they have done, and react with over-proportioned rage and umbrage when people point out their peccadilloes. This is an evolutionary mechanism to stave off further scrutiny. They want you to drop the issue, so that we can all be reasonable and get along. In this way, the perpetrator will do what’s wrong as long as they can.

    I think the only sensible thing to do is shine the bright light of skepticism on this behaviour.

  6. owlbrudder Says:

    Monckton is far too busy to answer trivial critics, even in a forum as balanced as WUWT. No, he has hastened back to his secret lab under the House of Lords, where his latest wonder drug is being perfected. Having found a single elixir that cured AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, warts on the bum and thinning hair, he is now working on his masterpiece. It is the opposite of a truth drug, in that it causes the listener to believe anything they are told. He has a standing arrangement with certain wealthy people to distribute this drug across the world, using CIA contrails. Next time you see one of those mysterious trails in the sky, look up and prepare to be enlightened.

  7. As I may have mentioned on this site before: a hilarious parody of Watts and GOP anti-science in general by Aasif Mandvi of The Daily Show, a segment entitled: “Science–What’s It Up To?” Link below:—science—what-s-it-up-to-

  8. Martin Lack Says:

    Despite being too busy to respond to Potholer 54, Monckton found the time to hassle me over my loosely-worded suggestion that he might have been involved in Lindzen’s recent misuse of NASA-GISS data in his Westminster presentation (on 22 Feb 2012).

    Although I was more than happy to clarify to MIT that I had no evidence of any such involvement, I am, quite frankly, astounded that MIT have the audacity to ignore everything else Lindzen has done on the basis of one perfunctory apology.

    However, since Monckton has been so kind as to contact me via email himself, I am planning to return the favour by hassling him myself next week – although he will no doubt suddenly become too busy to respond (as of course Lindzen did when I challenged him to explain himself).

  9. caseyeh Says:

    Re: Martin Lack’s comments on Lindzen and MIT, how he’s astonished that the institution does not try to rein in this pathological contrarian. Let’s face it: once a faculty member is tenured, administrators are loathe to do anything that might upset them enough to threaten a lawsuit on the basis that their academic freedom being threatened. Becoming tenured in modern American university equivalent to becoming a “made guy” in the Mafia.

    This not a condemnation of the tenure system. Just a recognition that tenure can be abused, and that occasionally a crackpot manages the slip past the guardians and achieve this exalted status.

    At my institution a climate contrarian kept his doubts about global warming to himself until he achieved tenure, then he came roaring out of the closet, broadcasting his idiot views megaphonically. He’s sent hundreds of students out the door of his intro meteorology classroom believing that anthropogenic global warming is a hoax perpetrated by liberal alarmists to further their pathetic careers. His bulletin board is plastered with the usual contrarian propaganda and cherry-picked data. He imposes his theory of global warming on his colleagues, daring them to challenge his “expert” opinion (this despite the fact that he has no preparation in climate science whatsoever, has never published an article on climate in his life).

    The local administration’s response to all this? To turn a blind eye to it. After all, he’s a tenured associate professor. And when I and others point out that our local self-styled emperor of climate is stark raving naked? The administration calls us in and threatens to behead us (or leave a severed horse head in our beds?) unless we keep quiet about the issue.

    So much for academic freedom, eh?


    • Martin Lack Says:

      Thanks for inside story, caseyeh. You have confirmed my worst fears. I hope it does not prove too difficult for you personally to clean up the equine body fluids arising from this intervention (should it come to the attention of enforcers)…

  10. […] Delingpole is almost as difficult to engage in debate as Lord Monckton; but not quite – at least I have had several exchanges of emails with Monckton. His Lordship […]

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