Monckton and Watts Cut and Run from Debate. Blame “hateful” Climate Crocks.

March 27, 2012

I normally ignore the inside baseball back-and-forth that occupies too many people’s time on the blog-o-sphere, but this is just too hilarious.

Readers may remember last week, His Esteemed Splendiforousness “Lord” Christopher Monckton was formally challenged to a point by point debate by the video blogger Potholer (Peter Hadfield), who had produced a series of videos (see example above) eviscerating one by one His Infallible Excellency’s talking points, and providing the primary source material in doing so.

Faced with real, checkable, online debate, where he would have to name his sources, put it in writing, and provide links for readers to fact check him (hmmm..sort of the way I do it in this video series) His CowardlyLion-ness decided to, well, run.

The host of the discussion, Pseudo-Science enthusiast Anthony Watts, told his faithful last weekend that, after I released a video of a Skype interview with Potholer discussing the situation, he would no longer provide a platform for discussion, since Potholer was “colluding” with that “hateful greenman”.

Monckton will hopefully find the time to come back to WUWT and be ready to debate his critics.
Looking forward to it.

REPLY: While I can’t hear what Hadfield is saying (he sounds like a British mumble to me) they seem totally infatuated with their manhunt, so much for Hadfield’s repeated claims of being “dispassionate and logical”. Thanks for posting this. When he starts colluding with that hateful “greenman”, all semblance of rational debate is destroyed.

This video then cements my decision not to provide any further space to Hadfield here. – Anthony

Although I let Potholer do most of the talking in the video, I will admit to an occasional smirk and raised eyebrow, which must have been too much for Watt’s delicately balanced psyche. For that I apologize.

I’ll say that I’m disappointed because I had laid in a 6 week supply of popcorn for the event.


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