Global Warming: What We Knew in ’82

March 26, 2012

Mike MacCracken was the first high level climate scientist that Al Gore introduced me to in Nashville, some 5 years ago. Although I knew something about the issue, and had some background reading and writing about energy and environment – Mike very quickly made me realize how much I had wrong,  and how much I had to learn. He has been a reliable and generous advisor and mentor ever since. I owe him a lot for his patience in answering questions and pointing me to people and resources I needed to be aware of.

A few months ago, I became aware of a video of Mike’s presentation on Climate Change at Sandia Labs in  August 1982. The contrast between what scientists already knew even 30 years ago, and the pathetically slow response to this gathering storm, prompted me to want to find out what Mike was thinking now, with three decades of perspective.

I interviewed Mike at the University of Michigan in February, where we both attended a climate conference at the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise. (He was invited. I kind of crashed the party and was allowed to hang out..)

19 Responses to “Global Warming: What We Knew in ’82”

  1. Frighteningly powerful video. The sea-ice graph at 9.00min really took me by surprise…. and I think I’m well informed!

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  3. otter17 Says:

    Well done, thumbs up. A good review of the basics… which I guess the body of science has known since before I was born. I can’t believe my first recollection of hearing about climate change was in high school. Not nearly the coverage it deserved over the years.

  4. prokaryotes Says:

    Must Watch (FULL MOVIE and check the podcast 2 on climate skeptics)



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  6. […] by Peter Sinclair, via Climate Denial Crock of the Week […]

  7. […] video below features Dr. Mike MacCracken, who in 1982 was presenting what it had been known for decades — that CO2 emissions were […]

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  9. This is why I am so convinced that my elementary school program needs to be started nationwide NOW! If we had started it 30 years ago when we found out about the problem we would not be facing this sea of doubters today. Anyone who wants to help get it implemented in your area, I’m happy to train Presenters to do the program. PTAs at most schools are happy to pay properly for the one-day visit by a trained Presenter. You can be self-supporting as a full-time professional presenter.

  10. […] widespread scientific reticence in 2007)… Certainly, not much has changed since 1982, when Mike MacCracken was busy telling anyone who would listen (and many would not) that we have a […]

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