Two Speed Spring – Warm and Hot

March 22, 2012

Meteorologist Paul Douglas:

No Cold Fronts Anytime Soon. The record early heat (and humidity) is awe-inspiring, but what I can’t get over is this: usually the atmosphere “auto-corrects”: periods of unusual warmth are usually followed by cold spells as the sky floating overhead attempts to regain some sense of equilibrium. Not this month. I keep waiting for a real cold front to come screaming south of the border, but we may have wait a little longer (October?) This spring we have 2 speeds: warm and hot. The 6-10 Day Extended Outlook from NOAA’s CPC is courtesy of Ham Weather.

In his column at the Star-Tribune, Douglas adds details of the midwest’s scorching spring.

87 F. Chicago, Illinois. 8th consecutive day of record-setting temperatures in the Windy City.

87 F. Saginaw, Michigan. That’s only 2 degrees cooler than the all-time monthly record for April at Saginaw!

86 F. at Dayton, Ohio, breaking the old record set in 1918.

85 F. at Columbus, Ohio, a new record for March 21.

84 F. at Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wednesday, the warmest March day on record.

84 F. Rockford, Illinois.

84 F at Indianapolis, Indiana, breaking the old record of 82 F. in 1907.

84 F. at Detroit, Michigan, a new record.

83 F. at Madison, Wisconsin, warmest March day on record.

*81 F. at Marquette, Michigan, breaking the old record high of 49. First time Marquette has seen 80 F. in March.

82 F. at Green Bay, Wisconsin. Tie for the warmest March temperature on record.

8 consecutive days above 70 at Cleveland, an all-time record.

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