PBS: Texas Towns Running out of Water

March 22, 2012

Very good reminder that in spite of some recent rain, the Great Texas drought remains in progress.

Vivid pictures bring home the reality of homeowners in small towns on the cusp of an overwhelming environmental change. As parts of the United States descend into third world conditions, politicians fight to out-do each other’s irrational denial.


Texans in this semi-arid region are accustomed to making due with little water, but the sense of urgency has never been so high, said Melinda McCutchen, who edits the local newspaper. Since October, Robert Lee residents have cut water consumption by 80 percent.

“I never take a bath, take a shower, wash a load of clothes, that I don’t think, save water.” McCutchen said.

The town is now racing to finish construction on a 12-mile emergency pipeline to pull water from the neighboring town of Bronte before they run out completely.

Oh, by the way..

Associated Press:

HOUSTON — Agriculture officials say losses from Texas’ historic drought are more than $2 billion more than previously thought.

The Texas AgriLife Extension Service now estimates crop and livestock losses at $7.62 billion for 2011. The extension service’s preliminary estimate of $5.2 billion in August already topped the previous record of $4.1 billion in 2006.

Extension service spokesman Blair Fannin gave The Associated Press the data on losses Wednesday before it was publicly released.



2 Responses to “PBS: Texas Towns Running out of Water”

  1. tildeb Says:

    You mean Perry’s prayer day didn’t resolve the problem? Wow. Who’d a thunk?

  2. MorinMoss Says:

    Can’t wait to see what “The Response” to this from Gov Perry will be.

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