Rush Limbaugh. Misogynist, Racist, Bully, Blowhard, – and Climate Denier Number One

March 5, 2012

This weekend’s long overdue explosion of outrage against Rush Limbaugh should remind us of a couple things.

First of all, this is not new – this has been going on for decades.  Rush Limbaugh is the number one vector for right wing hatred, resentment, and ignorance in the United States. Even Fox News has a lot of work to do to catch up with the sheer volume of poison spewed by this sociopath.

And, important to remember, its not a coincidence that Rush is climate-denier number one in the American media – because racism, ignorance, hatred of women, and of the planet itself, go hand in fist with climate denial, and always have. We can see no clearer demonstration of that than the current GOP presidential campaign.

Actually, back in the mid-90s, I was fed-up enough with a Limbaugh tirade on global climate, that, when he challenged “any environmentalist who wants to defend this” to call the show, I called. And got through.

When the screener asked me if I was, in fact, an environmentalist, I affirmed that I had a pair of sandals, that I had occasionally eaten tofu.  I averred that I did not hug trees, because although I like trees, it’s not that kind of relationship. He put me on hold.

El Rushbo had been railing about a full page ad in USAToday from a green group, a faux “weather map from the future” predicting high temperatures throughout the US – such as 124 F in the southwestern desert, etc.  Now, of course, we are beginning to get a first taste of that scenario, but it must have seemed remote enough for skepticism at the time.

When I got online, Rush blustered that even the most severe predictions of warming were for only a few degrees, so such predictions of searingly high temperatures had to be fantasy and scaremongering.
I explained that the 2 to 5 degree of warming projections were for global average – that there would be plenty of room for much more extreme events on a local basis.

I went on to explain that insurance companies were already seeing the effects of increased weather catastrophes from climate change, and were beginning conversations with green groups to see what could be done to mitigate what was for them, beginning to resemble an existential threat.  I also noted that no one was advocating that people go back to the stone age to deal with climate change, that plenty of technologies already existed to begin the move beyond fossil fuels.

“If I have a car that can take me wherever I want to go, that gets hundreds of miles to the gallon, or uses no fuel at all – where is this terrible hit to my standard of living? I would think every intelligent person would see it in their own best interest to own such a car..”

I pointed out that, given there is only one planet in the universe that can support human life, or any kind of life, so far as we know – that perhaps erring on the side of caution in preserving it might be – conservative.

I stayed on, I am sure, several minutes beyond the point that he would have liked, and pretty much unloaded my as-yet-meager trove of climate knowledge.  Shortly after I hung up, the show took a “spontaneous” call from some kind of “think” tank expert, who spent a good part of the next hour trying to shore up the damage to Rush’s messaging.  I was elated.

What I’ve been looking for, for years, actually, is some kind of talk radio archive of Limbaugh shows from the early 90s – if anyone out there has access to this, let me know  – because on of my clearest memories from listening hour after hour to the stream of nonsense, is the nonstop parodies of “Algore” and his then-socialistic-sounding “Information superhighway” – something that the right wing saw at the time as another leftist, government research boondoggle – very much the same way they are positioned against renewable energy, electric cars, and energy efficiency now.

After the internet exploded into the greatest economic and social engine the world has ever seen, it then became necessary to stop lampooning Gore for championing it, and start calling him a liar for claiming to have anything to do with it….

Below, just to illustrate how things just stay the same, Limbaugh in ’93 on Oil prices.


28 Responses to “Rush Limbaugh. Misogynist, Racist, Bully, Blowhard, – and Climate Denier Number One”

  1. rabiddoomsayer Says:

    David Burton,
    You a digging yourself into a big hole. Did you even listen to her testimony?
    Your comments only reinforce the view that Republicans are misogynists.

    What is generally a contraceptive has other uses. It can help control cramps, in some women can be used to time their periods, In Sandra Flukes friends case help control ovarian cysts and reduces libido at ovulation.

    Furthermore, Sandra Fluke had no choice of which health fund she was in.

  2. Well Dave, your sure take an interest in and make assumptions over the details of Ms. Fluke’s birth control. Shows a rational mind in there somewhere, but apparently it’s biased and exerted in trying to defend an over extension of right-wing philosophy that distract from the key argument. Rush and the cronies are trying to do everything to muddy the waters to discredit any rational discussion. Bearing a like mind to theirs, you appear to be just a sheep following to the cliff’s edge. Dave, do you have any sisters, daughters, nieces? Odds are they have or are taking birth control. So how can you support the right-wing attacks on Ms. Fluke? Why is her issue any less relevant than the women you care about? That’s a key point Mr. Burton – it’s about women’s health care issues. You try to discredit her to substantiate your point, and make her concerns for woman’s right to contraceptives and female hormonial medicine as somehow immoral. You state she has “boyfriends”, and you don’t know any facts along that line. If she was your 30 year old daughter, a moralistic person like yourself would hope she was in a loving, caring relationship, taking precautions while she was studying law. Instead, you get down in the gutter with Rush and those supporting him because they are trying to turn this into a winning political issue for them. Too bad, based on some of your blogs, you appear to have a thoughtful mind, yet you can’t escape the looking at the world and interpretting facts and discuss from the myopic lenses from which you see and perceive the world.

  3. rabiddoomsayer Says:

    Rush does not learn. His misogyny continues:

    Sure, not nearly as bad but still not doing himself any favors.

  4. kronocide Says:


    Thanks for documenting clearly where you are misinterpreting Ms Fluke’s statements. The qualifier ‘like me’ refers to her also being on ‘public interest’ scholarships. It does not mean she herself uses contraception, or needs $3000 for it throughout her degree stint, or in no way relates to her sexual promiscuity or lack thereof.

    So clearly you are making a melting glacier’s worth of assumptions. Then making more assumptions based on those already tenuous assumptions.

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