George Will rips Gas-Price Gas-Bags

February 27, 2012

I usually dislike posting opinions from just one side of the political divide, since its easy for doubters to simply consider a source they may dislike, and turn away from the ideas expressed.

So it’s great when conservative icons like George Will have a moment of insight and agree with me on a current issue.

It’s a double lightning strike when on the same weekend, exuberantly liberal Chris Hayes on MSNBC gives voice to the same position using exactly the same reasoning, and fleshes it out in what is becoming his trademark form – intelligently and in detail.  Shortened version of the discussion from the scintillating “Up With Chris Hayes” program this past weekend is posted here. Or, warm up your coffee and luxuriate in the the full version here. On a weekly basis, I can’t recommend this show more highly.

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