Dr. Suess is Not Here to Puke, So I Will

February 25, 2012

It’s not the Lorax’s fault. He’s just the latest in the series of animated films inspired by Dr. Suess children’s books that have, so far, all made me want to projectile power chuck.  Maybe this one’s different – but the record is not promising.

For those that loved the books, and worshipped the writer/illustrator as a genius, Hollywood’s treatment has been worse than shabby – its practically a sacrilege.

It’s all the more ironic that as this one gets the full bullshit greenwashing treatment from Mazda, above, the right wing is simultaneously bloviating about how it supposedly inculcates evil environmental values in young’ns.


“The Lorax”, a favored Dr. Seuss book, has been adapted into movie form and set to hit theaters next month but is already stirring up controversy. Lou Dobbs has gone on record claiming that “The Lorax” is indoctrinating America’s children the liberal agenda of Occupy Wall Street and President Obama. Zac Efron, who plays a 12-year-old boy in “The Lorax”, accidentally dropped a condom on the red carpet at a premiere in California this week.

Mother Jones:

Fans of The Lorax have raised concerns that the new big-screen version is neglecting the environmental message of the beloved Dr. Seuss book. The movie doesn’t come out until March 2, but the initial trailer and promotional materials ignited a round of complaints on the web.

Now people are having a (rather justified) heart attack about the fact that The Lorax is now being used to cross-promote a new SUV. Earlier this week, Mazda announced that it has partnered with Universal Pictures to promote the new “‘Seuss-ifed’ 2013 Mazda CX-5 crossover SUV.” The cross-promotion includes commercials with a cartoon version of the car driving through a valley of Truffula trees. The ads claim that the car is “Truffula tree friendly” –whatever that’s supposed to mean, given that the car is a standard fuel-injection-engine SUV. Sure, it’s apparently better than other SUVs on the market. But not that good.

9 Responses to “Dr. Suess is Not Here to Puke, So I Will”

  1. rabiddoomsayer Says:

    And just what would they say about Luke 12:33 ?

  2. archaeandragon Says:

    Just a note: his name is spelled “Seuss”. The (sic) spelling makes it look like he is an ambulance chaser “Dr. Sues(s)”. 😛

  3. ozonator Says:

    ““I know it is wet and the sun is not sunny, but we can have lots of good fun that is funny.” ― Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat” (Dr. Seuss > Quotes > Quotable Quote; goodreads.com/quotes/show/251106).

    “A). … 1). Regular qualitative predictions are US for “normal” catastrophic, violent AGW ecosystems (quakes to CMEs to toxic feticide) from the EssoKochFox’s and their willing accomplices. What will be another mother of all catastrophes, the 92nd JCS-MADDD Model (2/26 – 3/3/12) with many watery nightmares will be unleashed all across Allah’s good Earth that includes an increase risk for Valero’s employees and equipment but will not impede the extremist Republicans and Christians’ free pollution exports to help generate more catastrophic flooding, blizzards, and other water-related catastrophes. … Expect sunspots to be ripped out of the farside. Expect wimpy CMEs to hit the Earth with the power of X1+. … This is 5th of 5 weeks under the #50). DEQ-ORM-Esso-Kill-the-Planet Model (1/29 – 2/4/12). … Back on our heads, AGW ecology becomes rocket science that shows extremists’ free AGW exports are our 1st starships let loose to destroy whole solar systems and parts of the universe that revolves around them. Star-killing and extinction event planners DEQ-ORM*** is a solar keystone infestation (stunted, nepotistic “Skeptic Tank” check cashers) of legal, domestic and international terrorists lying about pollution levels and murdered employees for a free ExxonKoch salmonella buffet. From this Saturday to the next Saturday, the 257th SEERCH Model (2/26 – 3/3/12) should produce a decrease in the sunspot number (spaceweather.com). The 230th BAZS=ERC Model (2/26 – 3/3/12) predicts a 20 – 120 sunspot number. From this Saturday to the next Saturday, the 91st Solar Storm Model (2/26 – 3/3/12) maximum negative Bz will range from -5 to -15 nT. … E). For 2/26 – 3/3/12 … 1). Officially, there should be AGW solar flare(s) (discharges) in the form of x-ray(s), radio blackout(s) and/or similar energies of X1+. 2). There should be monster AGW CMEs (coronal mass ejections), significant solar wind, and coronal holes on the nearside < farside of the Sun. 3). The HooShooToo Model for predicting AGW flares discharging from the Earth include: Electron 2MeV Integral Flux (relativistic electron fluxes – REF), IMF (interplanetary magnetic field), GSI (geomagnetic sudden impulse), sprites, Nacreous Clouds, and NLCs (Noctilucent clouds), are modeled for energy and material trying to leave the Earth. With ≥1,000 pfu or an upper atmospheric warming (UAW), an "alert" is predicted with a single day maximum REF of 0 – 15,000 pfu” (“GBRWE 2/26 – 3/3/12''s Extreme Planetary Warnings for Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Solar/Terrestrial Flares from Human Activities”; Robert Rhodes, Supplemental; GBRWE 2/26 – 3/3/12, 2/25/12).

    • ozonator Says:

      Based on AGW, I predicted “91st Solar Storm Model (2/26 – 3/3/12) maximum negative Bz will range from -5 to -15 nT” for the week.

      Tentative ta-da, on 2/27/12, Swpc.noaa.gov/ftpdir/lists/ace, ace_mag_1m.txt reported a -Bz of -9.7.

      “MAGNETOSPHERE … From Satellites: ACE Satellite … part of the Sun’s magnetic field dragged off the surface of the Sun and … the most intense effects upon Earth’s magnetic field occur when the solar wind magnetic field is directed opposite to Earth’s magnetic field and the intensity is ‘large’ … the best single indicator is the Bz” (son.nasa.gov/tass/magnetosphere/sat_ace.htm).

      The Crisp Bugger is right as I must have used a spaceship, a time machine, and money earmarked for Roy’d-rage’ Spencer’s federal grant for Ugandan gay huntin’ with Evil Inhofe. “Feb 26, 2012 … The Gleick affair is further proof of the warmists’ endless credulity … Dr Peter Gleick provides more evidence that the supporters of the Cause will stop at nothing. … By Christopher Booker” (whistlesuckers perfuming the stink at icecrap-r-us).

    • ozonator Says:

      My condolences to Texas –
      Based on AGW, I predicted “the 92nd JCS-MADDD Model (2/26 – 3/3/12) with many watery nightmares will be unleashed all across Allah’s good Earth that includes an increase risk for Valero’s employees and equipment but will not impede the extremist Republicans and Christians’ free pollution exports”.

      “Valero Energy Corp reported a release of sulfur dioxide from flare no. 23 due to unknown causes” (“Valero reports flaring at Port Arthur, TX, refinery”; reuters.com, 2/28/12).

      My condolences to dentists, optomotrists, and peaceful non-gang probing space aliens –
      “Feb 27, 2012 … The climate of freedom … A lecture by Christopher Moncton of Brenchley 
No need for guilt about your sins of emission. .. The science is in, the truth is out, Al Gore is through, the game is up, and the scare is over” (big oil & small snake wrestling with assistant coach Joe Bastardi since March 11, 2011; icecap.us).

    • ozonator Says:

      Based on AGW, I predicted “The HooShooToo Model for predicting AGW flares discharging from the Earth include: … IMF (interplanetary magnetic field), GSI (geomagnetic sudden impulse) … modeled for energy and material trying to leave the Earth.”

      Ta-da –

      “SUMMARY: Geomagnetic Sudden Impulse … Observed: 2012 Feb 26 2141 UTC … Deviation: 19 nT … Station: Boulder” (swpc.noaa.gov/alerts/archive/current_month.html).

      “AURORA OUTBURST: Last night, for the second night in a row, sky watchers around the Arctic Circle witnessed an impressive display of auroras. “I’ve never seen anything close to this,” says Aaro Kukkohovi … an eruption of light over Lumijoki, Finland … “What a fantastic burst of energy–like something blew a hole into Earth’s magnetic field just above us!” … The cause of the display was the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) tipping south and opening a ‘crack’ in Earth’s magnetosphere. Solar wind poured in and fueled a G1-class geomagnetic storm”

      “MAGNETOSPHERE … From Satellites: ACE Satellite … ACE satellite is positioned about 1 million miles from Earth … dependent upon several factors ( e.g. a negative Bz…) … the best single indicator is the Bz” (son.nasa.gov/tass/magnetosphere/sat_ace.htm).

      However, cherry picking while Looter is nose-picking with the only prediction a free lunch –

      “Feb 26, 2012 … Is The Window Closing? … By Art Horn, ICECAP Meteorologist … the window at the top of the atmosphere …There are simply … too many forces of nature that will mask any underlying forcing mechanism. Thankfully there is … the satellite era … can measure the entire irradiance of the earth from their perch high above … The beauty of the satellites … Is it possible that in some places the window is closing and not in others? No, it doesnt matter where you look. … No amount of computer modeling or rhetoric from famous people or proclamations from large institutions or speeches from our leaders in Washington can change this. …These flaws have resulted in destructive policies that threaten your safety and prosperity … satellites say the window in the sky is open. The question is, when will our leaders open their eyes. ICECAP.US … Please consider donating any amount of money to us so that we may continue to speak out against the ignorant and biased main stream media and the current administration. Your future and mine depend on it” (whistlesuckers perfuming the stink at icecrap).

      • ozonator Says:

        My apologies to Dr. Phillips and NASA –
        “AURORA OUTBURST … “ was from “What’s up in Space” (Dr. Tony Phillips; spaceweather.com, 2/28/12).

  4. ozonator Says:

    If rain comes from the Sun, virgin forest biomes come from EssoKochs’ emissions, human fetuses from the Looter Limbaughs’ radio waves, and Tang comes from a Mazda tail pipe –

    From the John Coleman School of Science, pay toilet by Heartland, text books from Cornwall Alliance and the George C. Marshall Institute, published by Canada Free Press: “Meteorologist Milan Stevančević, of the Belgrade School of Meteorology, told our radio that the cold wave that struck Serbia and the whole of Europe recently had been caused by a solar storm, or a solar flare. … Clouds and precipitations result from a large quantity of oxygen and hydrogen from the Sun. The same applies to earthquakes … Stevančević, who is, by the way, the founder of solar meteorology in Serbia“ (“SOLAR STORM CAUSING COLD WAVE”; glassrbije.org, 2/26/12).

  5. ozonator Says:

    Corporate monkeys see corporate monkeys do after “Dr. Suess is Not Here to Puke, So I Will” –

    “Rick Santorum: JFK’s 1960 Speech Made Me Want to Throw Up” (By George Stephanopoulos; abcnews.go.com, 2/26/12).

    “My disgust … Warmists and other eco-loons in these debates … makes me want to throw up every time … in order to deal with a problem that doesn’t exist … the global warming scare – the biggest and most expensive outbreak of mass hysteria in history” (“Why I am so rude to Warmists”; By James “greased esso-trouser snake” Delingpole; blogs.telegraph.co.uk, 2/28/12).

    “Pearls of Wisdom … November 09, 2011 … ”” … conservative wing of the Republican Party is where the ideas are.” … “There is no global warming. … “” (looting the lock box of Reagan’s alzheimer’s, rushlimbaugh.com).

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