Denia-geddon: Bjorn Lomborg Think Tank to Close

February 16, 2012

Another sign of the times – Devious Danish Disinformer Bjorn Lomborg is finding, like his Heartland Institute soul mates here in the US – that bumping up against reality sucks, even in Denmark.


The much-criticised author and climate policy sceptic Bjorn Lomborg has told the Ecologist he is the victim of a vendetta after his funding was cut by the Danish government.

Lomborg, working through the Copenhagen Consensus Centre, of which he is director, has been highly critical of proposals to tackle climate change. While accepting that climate change is happening, he argues that current policies for reducing emissions are not only failing but are a waste of money as well. Instead of trying to cut emissions we should focus on adaptation, he says, investing in renewable technologies and tackling poverty today.

However, Denmark’s general election last year ushered in a new administration less keen to support his views. Earlier this month, the Danish government confirmed that it had cut more than £1 million in funding for Lomborg’s centre. As a result, he only has funding in place until the end of June.


23 Responses to “Denia-geddon: Bjorn Lomborg Think Tank to Close”

  1. I’ll give you my levels of disagreement

    1. 100%
    2. 75%
    3. 25%
    4. 0%
    5. 25%
    6. 50%

    • Martin Lack Says:

      Hey, Maurizio. Thank-you. I am genuinely pleased at your willingness to answer my question. So, you think anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD) may not necessarily be bad (N.B. I am being careful not to ridicule your position as being CO2 = plant food, etc). However, can you provide any peer-reviewed scientific literature that justifies your holding this view (or have you reached that conclusion all by yourself)?

      Perhaps you would care to put the UK Government right on a thing or two; they have come up with a prioritised list of 100 reasons why ACD is not good news – top of the list being the increased severity, extent nd frequency of flooding (both from rivers and the sea):

  2. Martin – I know how the UK governmental departments work and the last thing I would base my life on would be their statements.

    • Martin Lack Says:

      Oh right, stick your head back in the sand and hope for better luck tomorrow. That sounds like a sensible plan to me (not).

  3. More like ‘look on ye Government, ye unMighty, and despair!’

  4. otter17 Says:

    I don’t know much about Lomborg’s views, other than it appears that his “Skeptical Environmentalist” book was primarily about false choices (choose emissions reductions and you may have to do without education, or whatever).

    He may very well be a partial denialist even if he accepts the premise that CO2 has a role in warming the global average temperature. He could ignore the scientific results that indicate potential loss of the Amazon rainforest or potential loss of arable land.

    Ignoring the results from a portion of the scientific process is still denial.

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