Fake Science, “Fox”perts, Funny Finance, Tax Free!!

February 15, 2012

John Mashey in Desmogblog:

Modern anti-science was created by the tobacco industry in the 1950s and then used against climate science, often by the same well-experienced think tanks and individuals.  Tobacco anti-science is strangely entangled with climate anti-science, as the report linked below shows in detail, involving Fred Singer’s SEPP, Joseph Bast’s Heartland, and more.

S. Fred Singer is President of the Science and Environmental Policy Project (SEPP), but has done almost all the work himself for 20 years., including help for tobacco in the early 1990s. Research for Weird Science sent me on a  trek through his and other IRS Form 990s, which unearthed many curiosities of strange governance, fakery and funny finances, all tax-free.

Singer claimed Frederick Seitz as Chairman for two years after his demise and 20 years after a Philip Morris staffer had written in 1989:

“Dr. Seitz is quite elderly and not sufficiently rational to offer advice.” 

(more on this in the climate crock video here – Peter)

SEPP’s finances were curious.  SEPP paid no salaries, even for Singer’s 60-hour workweeks.  Money flowed oddly.  Asset trades often exceeded normal income and they accumulated to $1.5M, tax-free.   Then one money trail led to Heartland.

Heartland Institute’s Joseph Bast staunchly defended “Joe Camel,” the infamous campaign to addict younger children.  Heartland got tobacco funding for many years, along with a Philip Morris Board member.

More in this video about the Heartland/Tobacco relationship with climate denier Anthony Watts -Peter

Whitney Ball’s DONORS TRUST funded a major expansion of Heartland climate anti-science.  Singer collected old associates to help write “NonGovernmental International Panel on Climate Change“ (NIPCC) reports, filled with unsupported claims and long-refuted anti-science.

He was helped by Craig Idso, of the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change (CDCDGC), whose money flows also seem unusual.  Robert Ferguson’s Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI) was a website and a  PO Box in a UPS store and he was actually aCSCDGC employee.

Under Jay Lehr and James Taylor, anti-science permeated Heartland’s Environment and Climate News (E&CN) sent mostly to elected officials.  Heartland incessantly touted its access and influence with such officials, but its tax forms claimed no lobbying.  It ran “fake science” conferences, paying for government staff attendance.  It sent money to foreign non-charity advocacy groups, sent anti-science handbooks to school boards and urged parents to complain.  It has been criticized in Nature and Science.

Free speech allows people to express opinions, even lie about facts, but tax-free operation is a revocable privilege.  Spreading factual untruths and confusion about smoking or climate science is neither research nor education in the public interest.

Read the report, at least the first 21 pages, backed by nearly 200 of detailed backup.

This report was scheduled to be published in a few days,  and by astonishing coincidence, just today we see Heartland Institute Exposed.  The report was done entirely from public sources, but today’s new information is quite consistent and fills some holes.  However, the unnamed large Anonymous donor is now seen to be someone hiding behind DONORS TRUST, and some of the smaller ones dedicating funds appear in pp.57-59, with red itemizations. We also see some of the actual payments I had to infer.

See Mashey’s report here

Links to new Heartland Denialgate Documents here


8 Responses to “Fake Science, “Fox”perts, Funny Finance, Tax Free!!”

  1. […] Fake Science, “Fox”perts, Funny Finance, Tax Free!! « Climate Denial Crock of the Week Share and Enjoy:Written by: Jerrald Hayes on February 15, 2012. […]

  2. Martin Lack Says:

    Anthony Watts has been unmasked as a master of a Heartland Institute-funded misinformation campaign? What will it be next? Will we discover that the Heartland Institute was behind Climategate itself? I for one would not bet against it.



    • jasonpettitt Says:

      To be fair to Watts, this wasn’t in doubt. We always new Heartland financed the Surface Stations Project.

      We don’t know how much of course – but they’re basically paying Watts a very, very comfortable annual salary to make *a* website in 2012, which must be rather nice for him and afford said Mr Watts lots of time to devote to his hobbies.

      I don’t know how you define lobbying under US 501 legislation for tax exempt organisations – but it looks very much as though Heartland are in it up to their knees regarding the Wisconsin Act 10 muddle at the very least.

  3. ozonator Says:

    Heartland now appears to be hiding behind the Food Lion case where they own all employees like slaves to sell their drug of choice – power to kill. No such consideration was needed for East Anglican U. It is no surprise that extremist Republicans and Christians want their victims to eat AGW waste and die. For example, “Obama Mortgage Plan Demonizes Banks in Preparation for Run Against Romney … February 01, 2012 … RUSH: … we want ’em to sit there and eat the excrement sandwich” (the old, ugly and evil Rush “looting” Limbaugh with Hannity/Noory how to guide of extremist Republican and Christian outlets for creating legal illnesses, murders for hire, and failed antebellum states with willing accomplices and sham brides and sex tours, another GOP human trafficker by harvesting humans like Esso-Koch whose products kill people; unable to sell – NRA gun/other erection products, hair/other plugs, winter clothing except Mittens Romney, disaster insurance, Nazi products ‘cept Exxon chemicals, crayon-ready denier college textbooks/manifestoes, spontaneous abortion office products, while conserving the flamers of the new aristocracy; rushlimbaugh.com).

  4. What this needs is some grass roots pressure to prosecute. In UK, they did little to find the hackers that stole the emails. There has been plenty of mischief. Since they were not proud of their evil deeds, they not only had to hide them from the public, they had to hide them from the IRS.

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  6. […] researcher John Mashey, whose indispensable investigation into the anti science movement’s leading players and finances has now been posted online, concurrent with release of internal documents from the […]

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