Contributions for Kenyan Wind Needed now

February 14, 2012

I’m so sorry I was not aware of this until today.

This sounds like a very worthy project for jumpstarting an indigenous wind industry in Kenya, based on local labor, spare parts and scrap metal – with a workable design. The “crowd sourcing” model used here means that, if those making the proposal can get pledges to donate the funds needed in a specific amount of time, those donations all go through and they get their funding.

Unfortunately,  the funding deadline runs out midnight wednesday the 15th (tomorrow).

I have made small, totally inadequate pledge.

In any case, watch the video, contribute if you can, spread to twitter and Facebook or whatever, and lets see if we can help these guys out.

6 Responses to “Contributions for Kenyan Wind Needed now”

  1. guylacrosse Says:

    There has long been an off the grid grass roots movement to build windmills out of scrap parts here in the U.S. and Canada. I don’t see any reason it couldn’t take root in other far off places.

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