Get Popcorn! Potholer Lures His Weirdship “Lord” Monckton into Open Internet Debate.

February 13, 2012

I hear it every day.

“If Global warming is real, why don’t you debate (his weirdship “Lord”) Christopher Monckton?”

Well, one problem is, when you debate someone who just makes shit up on the spot, its kind of hard to do any fact checking. Now Monckton may have been lured into a situation where this is no longer possible.

The redoubtable Potholer (aka Peter Hadfield, see video below) seems to have lured Monckton into a public, online debate – where citations can be linked, and facts can be checked for accuracy by all interested onlookers.  Given Monckton’s record, this is not terrain that plays to his long-winded, loquacious strengths.

It appears that after a series of Potholer’s videos tore Monckton nonsense to shreds, His Serene Magnificence took to replying on the WattsUpWithThat climate denial blog. This lead to Potholer politely asking to respond, and blogmaster Anthony Watts, ever looking to present himself as fair minded,  to open up the forum, and even dub  the exchange as a “debate”.

Potholer has a video record of the ongoing exchange here:

Part 1

Part 2 below:

I’ve been thrown for a loop by computer issues that are just now getting righted, so I’ll catch up with this developing story as I can .

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