His Weirdship Lord Bonckton: Why Nobody Wants to Be Seen with This Guy

February 8, 2012

Yesterday’s Toast-of-the-Tea-Party Renaissance Genius has become today’s embarrassing crazy uncle.

2 years ago, the congressional GOP chose “Lord” Chris Monckton as their sole witness in hearings before congress on climate change. (see above)

Last month, Monckton was conspicuously absent as a signatory from the “Wall Street 16” climate denial polemic printed in Rupert Murdock’s Wall Street Journal (which included economists. why not a classics major?).  I haven’t seen him on Fox News in ages. About the only reliable venue he has left is, predictably, the loony bin over at Anthony Watt’s Tea Party.

Monckton’s ravings, – that he’s won a Nobel Prize, (he hasn’t), that he’s a member of the House of Lords (he’s not),  that he’s cured AIDS (what do you think?), are delusional, sure, but no more delusional than the idea that every significant scientific group on the world who has studied global climate is wrong, and part of some global UN plot to raise taxes.

His Splendid Magnificence was in His heyday following his validation by the anti-science wing of the US congress, when an obscure physics professor at a Minneapolis University decided to actually examine, point by point, the series of claims made by His Munificent Resplendency in a well-viewed speech to a right-wing  “think tank” audience. The result was John Abraham’s stunning and utterly convincing evisceration of virtually everything in the Monckton presentation – and the subsequent leper status, as anyone with a grain of intelligence fled the putrid roadkill smell of an exposed fraud.

So, my problem is, what do we have to do to raise his Serene Munificence’  profile again?  Keeping His Stately Stupendousness as the poster boy for global warming denial should be a high priority for science advocates, and anyone interested in truth-in-advertising.

Now we have another chance.

In recent weeks, new video has surfaced of His Brilliant Resplendency in conference with a motley collection of  the daft, daffy and deranged from down-under, suggesting that the “super rich” form new Fox TV clones in the US and Australia, for “right thinking people”.

“the more libertarian minded, right-thinking people in the United States, who have got Fox News, and therefore got things like the Tea Party movement, and therefore, at last, put some lead in the pencil of the Republican Party (go Fox!! – PS)
…and it seems to me that devoting some time to encouraging those we know who are super-rich to invest in, perhaps even establishing a new satellite TV channel, its not an expensive thing…”

Monckton goes on to wax poetic about Glenn Beck, who has been “explaining how the US Constitution works..”.

Presumably, such a channel would explain climate change with the same keen insight that Glenn Beck has brought to the US Constitution, as well as have plenty of ads on where to buy gold, and info-mercials for Monckton’s Wonder Oil…

The video here was posted on Desmogblog, with some bit of background –

BACK in July last year in a boardroom of a western Australian free-market think tank, the extrovert British climate change sceptic Lord Christopher Monckton was holding court.

The topic for discussion? How to better capture the Australian media to help push a right wing, free-market and climate sceptic agenda. At the time, Lord Monckton was in Australia at the behest of a mining association and Gina Rinehart to deliver a series of talks on climate change and spread his conspiracy theories that human-caused climate change is a left-wing plot to bring down the West.

At one point during the tour, Monckton told a boisterous partisan crowd: “So to the bogus scientists who have produced the bogus science that invented this bogus scare I say, we are coming after you. We are going to prosecute you, and we are going to lock you up.”
Lord Monckton had been invited to Australia by the iron and coal mining boss Rinehart, the country’s richest woman with a rising personal fortune in the region of $20 billion.

I offer this as a heads up to our Australian and UK readership – look out for what’s coming your way – the Tea Party of which he speaks would make Lewis Carroll’s head spin..

Below, His Weirdship makes his AIDS cure claim.  We await the infomercial.

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