Climate Deniers, Creationists, and the Practice of Science Denial

January 16, 2012

The  6 minute video above taken from a longer talk given by Eugenie Scott, of the National Center for Science Education, for the Glasgow Skeptics society. The longer, original version is here.

LA Times: 

Texas and Louisiana have introduced education standards that require educators to teach climate change denial as a valid scientific position. South Dakota and Utah passed resolutions denying climate change. Tennessee and Oklahoma also have introduced legislation to give climate change skeptics a place in the classroom.

In May, a school board in Los Alamitos, Calif., passed a measure, later rescinded, identifying climate science as a controversial topic that required special instructional oversight.

“Any time we have a meeting of 100 teachers, if you ask whether they’re running into pushback on teaching climate change, 50 will raise their hands,” said Frank Niepold, climate education coordinator for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, who meets with hundreds of teachers annually. “We ask questions about how sizable it is, and they tell us it is [sizable] and pretty persistent, from many places: your administration, parents, students, even your own family.”

Against this backdrop, the National Center for Science Education, an Oakland-based watchdog group that supports the teaching of evolution through advocacy and educational materials, plans to announce on Monday that it will begin an initiative to monitor the teaching of climate science and evaluate the sources of resistance to it.

National Center for Science Education:

Challenges to climate change education are common in the classroom, according to a poll of science educators conducted by the National Science Teachers Association. Although 60% of respondents to the on-line poll reported that they were not concerned about how climate change is taught in their school, 82% reported having faced skepticism about climate change and climate change education from students, 54% reported having faced such skepticism from parents, and 26% reported having faced such skepticism from administrators.


35 Responses to “Climate Deniers, Creationists, and the Practice of Science Denial”

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  2. ozonator Says:

    Almost 2 days after my predictions with a ~15 year-old, $10 calculator, I did the “impossible” based on AGW. Connecting the tectonic dots as proxies for temperatures, “Evil Inhofe, Oklahoma (6+) – Texas (4+)” are between Veracruz and South Dakota. And, it doesn’t seem fair that our extremists export AGW quakes and guns to Mexico while the same failed states of the US deny AGW, restrict Mexican workers, and encourage illegal drug use from Mexico to create jobs in prison industries. There were at least 2 correct, Veracruz and South Dakota, of 23 predictions under the 32nd WRECK of Pro-life Model (1/15 – 21/12) that were correct AGW predictions. The following quake is within the concurrent/standard 2-week model, the 4.5 Richter minimum for being AGW correct, the “Veracruz (5+)” region predicted under 1/15 – 21/12, and n=33. The mostly good people with unfriendly user web maps at the USGS reported with poorly colored numbers and letters, the technically major quake – Magnitude Richters … Date … Region: “4.6 … 2012/01/18 … OFFSHORE VERACRUZ, MEXICO” and “24 km (14 miles) NNE of Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico” (

    However, predicting not even an itty bitty quake with all those big free lunches – and a side of metastasized CO2. “Prominent geologist warns ‘global COOLING is almost a slam dunk’ for up to 30 years or more — ‘There is no single piece of real evidence that points to CO2’ as driving temps”(enrichment through corruption found on 1/13/12) (home page soundbites written/assembled in a fraudulent/plagiaristic/incitement to riot extremist Republicans and Christians by Marc ‘conserving failed states’ Morano; It’s called the congress, extreme court, and political positions in failed states like Louisiana and Mississippi – “Environmentalist Wants Eco-Gulags For Climate Change Deniers … Posted on January 17, 2012 by Steve Milloy” (

  3. ozonator Says:

    With condolences, the Dominican Republic makes at least 3 correct, of 23 AGW predictions under the 32nd WRECK of Pro-life Model (1/15 – 21/12). The following quake is within the concurrent/standard 2-week model, the 4.5 Richter minimum for being AGW correct, the “Dominican Republic (5+)” region predicted under 1/15 – 21/12, and n=33. The mostly good people with unfriendly user web maps at the USGS reported with poorly colored numbers and letters, the technically major quake – Magnitude Richters … Date … Region: “5.0 … 2012/01/19 … DOMINICAN REPUBLIC REGION” and “47 km (30 miles) SSE (152°) from La Romana, La Romana, Dominican Republic” ( “Acts of God, or man? … deadly quakes are rarely blamed on human activity” (“Counting the cost of calamities”;, 1/14/12). “Thomas Jordan, the director of the Southern California Earthquake Center. … “We can’t predict the future; we can’t predict earthquakes. But … ” … The entire project, including the computer, is expected to cost more than $300 million” (“California’s earthquake risk spurs supercomputing efforts”; Patrick Thibodeau; Computerworld US;, 11/21/10). Legal terrorism from 1 of EssoKochs’ hired liars, “Nature Kills … January 3, 2005 … Rush … ecologists have created the myth … Global warming has nothing to do with … an earthquake … we had nothing to do with … an act of God, destroys all these people … we have nothing to do with them. We don’t cause them and we can’t stop them … we didn’t create it, we’re not the stewards, we’re not the landlord. We don’t give orders to nature … God doesn’t let things happen, God doesn’t cause things to happen … We didn’t do it. We didn’t do it … And there’s nothing we can do to stop it, and there’s nothing we can do to cause it” and “Impotent Democrats … September 7, 2005 … Rush … “Let’s hear your solution.” … an earthquake … Their whole philosophy and ideology is on display here as an utter and total failure” (Looter Limbaugh,

  4. ozonator Says:

    With condolences to Iran, Turkmenistan was a correct AGW quake prediction.

    The following quake was within the 100 mile onshore limit, the 4.5 Richter minimum for being correct, the concurrent 2-week model, and the “Turkmenistan (5+)” region – notably within the AGW tectonic energy line of “2). Armenia (5+) – Azerbaijan (6+) – Turkmenistan (5+) – Tajikistan (6+)”. The good people at’s interactive map showed that this terrible quake was less than 70 miles from Turkmenistan. “A 5.5-magnitude earthquake struck the area of the city of Neyshabour in northeast Iran on Thursday, injuring at least 100 people and damaging several houses … aftershocks were felt … terrifying some residents. Neyshabour, a city of nearly half a million, is about 100 kilometres west of Iran’s holy city of Mashhad, where reports said the tremor was also felt” (“At least 100 injured in Iran earthquake”; AFP/de;, 1/20/12). This makes 4 correct AGW quake predictions of 32 for the week.

    Part of the cost of doing business, AGW quakes are components of exported filth from extremist Republicans and Christians. “Eli Lehrer … harshly criticized Rep. John Campbell’s (R-CA) introduction of the House companion to the Senate’s Earthquake Insurance Affordability Act. … would put all federal taxpayers on the hook for billions of dollars in potential future losses sustained by the California Earthquake Authority (CEA). … “ … It would … displace a productive private industry … a terrible idea.”” (“Heartland Institute: Campbell Earthquake Bill a Terrible Idea”; By Eli ‘we-lie’ Lehrer, vice president of the Heartland Institute, seminars of corporate whores who murder and enslave, Ooops, “ExxonMobil contributed a total of $560,000 to the Heartland Institute between 1998 and 2005”; on 12/19/08;, 10/7/11). “You can’t predict earthquakes, idiots. … WARNING: You are stupid. If you don’t believe us, listen to California Emergency Management Agency Secretary Matt Bettenhausen, who has been forced to take time out of preparing for real emergencies to tell KGET this is a hoax: ” … being able to predict when earthquakes will strike is not something they can do at this point,” Bettenhausen said” (“Fake California ‘Earthquake Warning’ Currently Scaring Idiots on Twitter”; By Adrian Chen;, 9/28/10).

  5. ozonator Says:

    heard on air
    Defending Climate Science’s Place In The Classroom
    [8 min 3 sec]
    from Talk of the Nation

  6. ozonator Says:

    With condolences – significant for “Guatemala (7+) under 1/15 – 21/12 – “A magnitude-6.2 earthquake hit off the coast of the southern Mexican state of Chiapas on Saturday, shaking the state from the capital of Tuxtla Gutierrez to Tapachula on the border with Guatemala. … broke windows in Tuxtla Gutierrez and sent frightened residents into the streets in cities across Chiapas” (“6.2 quake hits off coast of southern Mexico”; The Associated Press;, 1/21/12).

    About 30 million Texas, Louisiana, and other citizens are allowing their polluters to wage AGW war on their health and a million good people of Neyshabour, Iran and Mexico this week alone. For example, “Louisiana flunks at enforcing air, water laws, EPA inspector general says” (By Mark Schleifstein, The Times-Picayune;, 12/12/11).

  7. ozonator Says:

    The following quake increases the odds for a damaging Los Angeles AGW quake within weeks.

    The Gulf of California quake was also correct AGW prediction, 5 of 33 (not the earlier 32). The following quake is within the concurrent/standard 2-week model, the 4.5 Richter minimum for being AGW correct, the “Gulf of California (5+)” region predicted under 1/15 – 21/12. The mostly good people with unfriendly user web maps at the USGS reported with poorly colored numbers and letters, the technically major quake – Magnitude Richters … Date … Region: “4.6 … 2012/01/22 … GULF OF CALIFORNIA” ( “SENIOR seismologist Clive Collins was on duty … at Geoscience Australia’s Canberra operations centre …earthquake prediction continues to elude scientists. … “Earthquakes are totally out of the blue in 99.9 per cent of cases.” … the holy grail of geology” (“Lack of a crystal ball frustrates scientists”; Cheryl Jones From: The Australian;, 2/26/11).

    I would love to trade my AGW disability and holy grail for Tony micro-watts’ and the other Looters’ deafness. But, corporate crime against nature does pay as they drag us into the new Dark Ages. With an “E” for effort and, “The Ridiculousness Continues – Climate Complexity Compiled … Posted on January 21, 2012 by justthefactswuwt … By WUWT regular “Just The Facts” … I’ve been compiling a summary … To demonstrate that Earth’s climate system is a ridiculously complex” (Tony ‘micro-watts’ of mental power; After legally AGW bombing the Iranian city of Neyshabour with something between a toaster nuke and a suitcase nuke, lacking children due to looted crystal balls, “The Do-Nothing President … January 19, 2012 … RUSH: … wacko environmental extremists who literally hate anything progress oriented in energy.  And they believe all this green energy garbage … oil is filthy. … is deadly, oil’s polluting“; “Tackling Darwinism in Literalville … September 29, 2010 … RUSH: … Global warming is not science, it’s not been proved in the scientific method.  Another test of whether something is … if it’s predictive.  Can you predict from your knowledge of the science? … Global warming has turned out to not be predictive”; and, dependent on his chain of EIB-coli bordellos in FEMA trailers next to the pipeline, “Pearls of Wisdom … January 20, 2012 … “The environmental left’s ‘victory’ is ultimately another loss for the American people … such as restaurants and hotels, in the towns along the proposed route.”” (Looter Limbaugh; And, from Jindalstan who supports Poacher Perry, “Louisiana flunks at enforcing air, water laws, EPA inspector general says” (By Mark Schleifstein, The Times-Picayune;, 12/12/11).

  8. ozonator Says:

    Springtime for pro-life and lounge lizards – winter for allowing breeding among the 99%

    “Teaching about anthropogenic climate change certainly is bad science … such eco-brainwashing is that the scientific method is being bastardized”
    Teaching against climate change deniers
    by Brian Sussman

  9. ozonator Says:

    “Magnitude-5.0 shakes Big Island in Hawaii” ((The Associated Press;, , 1/22/12).

    The Hawaii quake was also a correct AGW prediction, 6 of 33. It was within the concurrent/standard 2-week model, the 4.5 Richter minimum for being AGW correct, and the “ WRECK of Pro-life Model (1/15 – 21/12): … Hawaii (5+)” region predicted under 1/15 – 21/12 in this blog on “January 17, 2012 at 2:50 am”.

    However, Looter Limbaugh’s pilodinal cyst and Evil Inhofe’s sewer tooth Morano and willing accomplices are also unable to predict AGW quake squat yet claim all rights, privileges, and Al Gore’s money to predict what doesn’t cause them.

    Crime doesn’t pay –

    On behalf of Esso-Koch-Fox’s investors, so they don’t get hung as quickly for crimes against humanity, “‘Yes, we plead guilty … ‘Skeptics will proudly celebrate … Climate Depot takes full responsibility for the fate of your children and grandchildren from any future man-made climate catastrophe” (“Australian PM warns skeptics ‘are too ‘dangerous to ignore’ and are ‘holding the world to ransom’”, By Marc ‘EIB’s corporate whore cyst’ Morano, assistant shower coach to Evil Inhofe, Climate Depot Editorial”; 11/6/09) (Editorial and reality abuse by Joseph ‘EIB coli cocktail wiener’ D’Aleo, CCM, IUD, IED, BMF, STD, H1N1, HPV, SIDs, failed state free lunch predictor, laundering t-GOP via paypal, HIV, and ExxonKoch approved TV weather presenter aka another pseudo-scientist, denier, and corporate whore; new web crimes against humanity, nature, and big oil & small snake wrestling with Joe Bastardi since March 11, 2011;

    In need of an audit while testing actual methods of journalism at Angola State Penitentiary for crimes against nature –

    “Actor Danny Glover links Haitian earthquake to global warming … Caused Haiti … AP’s Shyster Seth Borenstein’s ‘Earth struck back’ article noted … New Low: San Fran Chronicle Suggests Global Warming Caused Haiti Earthquake — Reports on U. of Miami geologist Shimon Wdowinski’s desperate warmist claims” (enrichment through corporate fraud found 2/23/11); “Physicist Ridicules: ‘Are earthquakes caused by man-made carbon dioxide?’ ‘The idea that we can visibly influence those things by some 2nd-order subleading effects from some trace gas that we add to some atmosphere – and the atmosphere is geologically irrelevant even in its entirety – is beyond ridiculous’” (enrichment through corporate fraud found 3/18/11); “Reality Check: Earthquakes are NOT caused by global warming: ‘We see an increase of CO2 and temperatures have been correlated with a… DECREASE of the earthquake magnitude’” (enrichment through corporate fraud found 3/16/11); “Meteorologist D’Aleo slams Hansen: ‘No James, you haven’t failed because of poor communication. You have failed because your richly financed, pseudo-science is being seen for what it is — a failure’ … Joe D’Aleo: ‘Hansen and the modelers have failed in every prediction …’” (enrichment through corporate fraud found 10/11/11); “Warmists claim … Rebuttal: ‘There are absolutely no weather conditions which could occur that would not be attributed to global warming. The climate science community has achieved the pinnacle of confirmation bias’” (enrichment through corporate fraud found 1/22/12); and “’In a Climate Where Science is Being Raped by Political Correctness, Can the Scientific Method Be Restored?’” (enrichment through corporate fraud found 8/15/11) (home page soundbites written/assembled in a fraudulent/plagiaristic/incitement to riot T-buggers by Marc ‘conserving failed states’ Morano – peerless container model for FoxKochExxonMassingill purchased corporate fraud+crimes against nature with w-Times Rev. Rush Moon types and gangs working a tomorrow’s con with legal slavery today; elite corporate whore who still lacks a page in to chronicle his years of evil for hire, abuse, and visual challenges making animals go sterile and crops whither;

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