Cameras vs Keystone

December 21, 2011

Wonder why Canada has pulled out of the international climate process and is heading toward global carbon pariah status?

Of course you don’t. It’s all about the Tar Sands.

A number of journalists and film makers have turned their lenses on this problem in the remote reaches of the northern boreal forest – now becoming the “new Saudi Arabia” – the mother of all exotic fossil fuel schemes.

Good mini-seminar on the problem.
You watch youtube, you learn something.

8 Responses to “Cameras vs Keystone”

  1. neilrieck Says:

    As a Canadian citizen, I am both shocked and embarrassed by these videos. BTW, everyone watching this should know that Canada’s current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, represents the riding of South Calgary, Alberta. Many people think he has put the needs of Alberta above the needs of Canada (or humanity).

    This next comment is off topic but needs to be mentioned anyway. In October-2011, the Harper Conservatives privatized (sold off) the crown corporation known as AECL (Atomic Energy Canada Limited) to SNC-Lavalin of Montreal for a mere $15M. (The phones and computers must have been worth that much; Canadian tax payers had invested billions in creating AECl in the first place).

    At the time, the Canadian press was told that this needed to be done because AECL was loosing millions of dollars every year. Yesterday, my wife received a Christmas letter from one of her classmates who ended up as an engineer at AECL. We were told in that letter that AECL had been ordered by the government to not sign any big-ticket contracts for the past two years. So, it would appear that the Harper Conservatives were supporting their buddies in the Alberta Oil Patch by driving a nail in the coffin of Canadian Nuclear Energy. You can think what you like about “crown corporations” but I think it is safe to say that the Canadian government will no longer be involved in guaranteeing loans associated with the building of AECL reactors. So with all our “energy eggs” in one “fossil fuel basket”, now you know why Canada wants nothing to do with treaties involving CO2 Limits. IMHO, history is not going to look kindly on Canadians for electing a leader from the oil patch. This almost seems as bad as the US electing a president from Texas.

  2. Bruce Miller Says:

    Plans now to use cleaner Thorium fueled LFTR reactor technologies from China to provide heat for a proven steam extraction technology and saving the huge amounts of natural gas currently adding C02 to the atmosphere for liquefaction and delivery to Asian markets for world prices – this is a corporate matter, seeking approval perhaps from Canadian government – but as we all know from the American model, approvals by governments are bought and sold, rarely voted on by the people. Even Bill Gates reaches hard for better nuclear technologies since the Fuckoshima event, and shows his fortunes moving to Asia his technologies to be developed there, to return to America as just one more Chinese product for sale. Bill’s reactors will be fueled by Thorium, and operate very efficiently on this safer more plentiful fuel too. tells of China’s thrust in this direction. These new nuclear technologies will release huge amounts of oil locked in the sands and make Canada equal or better oil provider to the world than even Saudi Arabia, and present the U.S. with the potential of oil burning extended for many generations to come. Canada’s current conservative government is as any government very willing to get these plans underway and start collecting taxes, distributing fairly to the Canadian people.
    As the newer safer nuclear technologies arrive and are put to work, cleaner air, environmentally friendly methods and the cessation of Natural Gas burning for heat will clean up the pictures considerably. The steam extraction processes do not require much water and great lakes of filth, do not require digging and stripping of top layers. Canada has the answers to your concerns and they are on there way from China as we speak.

    • neilrieck Says:

      Correction to one of your facts: Canada’s oil exports to the US already exceed the sum of Saudi Arabia and Mexico.

      One of the tar-sands companies (I forget which one) was considering the installation of a nuclear reactor to assist in oil extraction from tar. The project never happened but I assume that if a reactor can be built cheaply (perhaps a thorium-fueled device because they can’t produce weapons-grade material) then some company will jump on board.

  3. guylacrosse Says:

    People around the world should be outraged by this. Instead, Keystone gets covered in the media as a jobs creating program. What good does a dirty oil job do you if you can’t find any clean water to drink or have clean air to breath?

  4. jpgreenword Says:

    Canada is actively making itself one of the biggest pushers of the one drug that this planet needs to get off of. As a Canadian, I am embarrassed by my country’s “energy policy”.

    And, one of the most frustrating things about our energy policy (to be one of the biggest dirty energy producers in the world) is that it does little to nothing to our energy security. We export most of what we take out of the ground! Even the Keystone XL pipeline would do little to the USA’s energy security because most of what is refined in Texas is exported as well.

  5. jpgreenword Says:

    Mr. Sinclair,

    Regarding the last video on this post (a CBC report about the water quality), do you know when the report was done?


  6. Bruce Miller Says: and
    These are not my ideas, they are the facts. China owns a large part of the Oil Sands too! Expect advanced technologies from them.
    A new, cleaner extraction process has been developed using steam, not the huge amounts of natural gas that could be going to Yuan paying markets in Asia.
    Canada’s Oil men have done us proud! Watch now as we move into the 21st century with trade both to the U.S. and the rapidly rising Pan Eurasian Alliances, quickly congealing into an Empire, driven ever closer to unity by the Iraq event, and Israel’s insane threats of pulling the trigger on the vast U.S. nuclear arsenal on that continent and in Iran for starters.
    Canada must dispose of this popular fuel quickly before the Pan Eurasian Empire shows the world that Thorium fissioning reactors are the way to go for the cheapest, cleanest heat source for electricity generation, leaving the U.S. behind in Third World, 19th century fossil fuel consuming situation even worsening as oil becomes a scarce commodity.

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