Solar Photovoltaic in Nicaragua

December 19, 2011

Nicuragua? Ain’t they communists?  Ah heard ’em say “community”. Well, there you go.

What more proof do you need?

3 Responses to “Solar Photovoltaic in Nicaragua”

  1. Bruce Miller Says:

    Communists? McCarthyism? Failing Vulture Capitalism leaves Detroit City as its monument and tombstone in America and move on to Asian riches as we speak. Alternates to Vulture Capitalism in America abound with this Capital desertion to the East. Rest assured the mesmerization of the American Sheeple by the Great Corporate American Propaganda Machines are proclamations, exhortations, suggestions, applicable only in America’s “Golden Age” once supported by the “Cheap Oil Era” and long since gone with the Texas oil.
    in this, the aftermath of the greatest rape of resources in recorded history, the remaining peons, once wage earning union member proletariat have been deliberately reduced to precariat (Google definition: your education not mine!) and then to full disenfranchised.
    Co-ops, Worker owned businesses, Community owned businesses, all fail when placed in competition with huge Asian enterprises, and the American people are left to their own means, without land, without resources, talented, but without jobs, able bodied, but standing in unemployables lines in a country where they face astronomical living expenses and repressive laws against lesser “survival life-styles”.
    Communism is not an answer – not even a vague possibility in these the Capitalist ruins called modern day America, and with no ‘other lesser country” to migrate to, old solutions to this same problem do not work.
    Some, wise, flee off grid, but await the ‘tax man” and big government to catch up to them. America a sorrowful place on the decline.

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