“George W. Obama”? Denialist Freak Show as rudderless Durban winds down

December 9, 2011

I would never subject my gentle readers to more than a small snippet of Senator James “there have never been any gay people in my family” Inhofe’s  vomitous bloviations on any topic, much less climate.

The senator released a gloating video the other day about the “end of the global warming” movement, demonstrating once again the complete separation between the Tea Party wing of the GOP and the universe the rest of us live in.  Amy Goodman mercifully excerpts only a small part of it here.

In regard to the “global warming movement”, — I guess that is synonymous with the “reality based community” of which the modern GOP is still so scornful. I can attest that among the 20,000 leading earth scientists here at the annual American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, the science and reality of global warming has never been clearer or more urgent.

Whether or not Durban comes up with some kind of agreement, the stars are aligning to make global climate an issue in the upcoming presidential election, and an opportunity for President Obama to draw a clear distinction between himself and the opposition, whoever it is.  I’d like to see him get on the bully pulpit and get started.

11 Responses to ““George W. Obama”? Denialist Freak Show as rudderless Durban winds down”

  1. Who’s Durbin? Dick Turpin’s cousin?

  2. Inhofe is an oil-slicked turd, no mistake. If only we could flush him away somehow . . .

  3. Yeah, well, they said OWS was dead after all the evictions. Like hell!

    • greenman3610 Says:

      right. of course they figured once they got Galileo to retract, all would be well.
      reality has a way of coming back around.

  4. Search “climate change” on whitehouse.gov. There are 52,400 results; some within the past week.

    Until November 6, 2012, the bully pulpit will be used to maximize the odds of a second term. After his reelection, he won’t be worrying about elections. Even then, he will need a motivated informed public to make things happen.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. daveburton Says:

    The Global Warming Movement is dying under the weight of ever increasing evidence that anthropogenic CO2 is good, rather than bad; that the warming it causes is modest rather than drastic; that the leading alarmists are more interested in politics than science; and that the predicted disastrous effects of AGW are mythical, rather than real.

    Folks like Inhofe, who are paying attention, have noticed it, even if you haven’t yet. Here’s another example:


    Steve Hilton, the Prime Minister’s director of strategy and ‘green guru’, is the latest person to admit to doubts about climate change.

    ‘I’m not sure I believe in it,’ he announced at a meeting of the Energy Department…

    Hilton famously persuaded David Cameron to go to the Arctic with a pack of huskies to prove that he was determined to combat global warming in his early days as Tory leader.

    Now, however, Hilton as become a big fan of former Chancellor Nigel Lawson, a vocal critic of the global warming lobby…

    Will the last CAGW alarmist leaving the Climate Movement please turn out the lights?

    • greenman3610 Says:

      right, Senator “there have never been any gay people in my family” Inhofe is obviously a keen observer of the human scene.

  6. Jean Mcmahon Says:

    The Chamber of Commerce and the mayor of Tulsa just elected a new City Council in Tulsa ,Okla..They are having a breakfast Mon morning with the Dear Senator which the Occupy Tulsa group will protest..So Tulsa will not be very Green in the future..At least a few are “Taking it to the streets”I cannot wait to read Naomi Klein’s new book about who is who in the denialist crowd

  7. demonstrating once again the complete separation between the Tea Party wing of the GOP and the universe the rest of us live in.

    I believe you misspelled “wingnuts”, Peter. 😉

    Re: Nigel Lawson—isn’t he the guy who fearlessly recites old long debunked and slain talking points, thinking that they’re current or even once relevant? Dr. Ben Santer gave a lecture (linked at Realclimate) in which he said at a hearing he was told that “skeptical” arguments are not addressed by the climate scientists.

    The restrained look on Dr. Santer’s face and the long pause spoke volumes, and although I couldn’t hear it, I’m sure there were plenty of laughs and chuckles from the audience. I had thought perhaps the “skeptics” didn’t understand the science, but now it seems they steadfastly refuse to even see or hear the science–they are wilful ignorance personified. How do you communicate or educate people who are determined to remain misinformed and ignorant?

  8. Jon Curry Says:

    The problem with Obama as the DN interview makes clear is that because he is considered progressive his efforts to undermine the climate summit in South Africa are all the more effective. If Bush had acted in the same way people would at least object. With Obama, who’s doing a lot of the same things any Republican would do on behalf of the fossil fuel industry, he gets away with it and we’re worse off.

    I think Obama is smart enough to understand what’s happening. Romney probably does too. They all pander. Obama panders to the left wing base and pretends he wants to do something to stop it as well. Romney panders to the right wing base and tells them it’s all a liberal hoax. The key is they both need petro dollars in order to win an election so in the end the policy remains the same. The US will do very little in regards to limiting our CO2 emissions.

    Will Obama improve in his 2nd term? The Republican base thought Bush would curb his spend thrift ways in his 2nd term, but it didn’t happen. The leftist base thought Clinton might back off on sanctions in Iraq. It didn’t happen. A million dead children were the result. Dead from starvation. I can’t be optimistic about Obama’s second term. Though it’s true there isn’t a better alternative.

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