Michael Mann’s TED Talk

December 7, 2011

Predictably, the comments are being swarmed with brain dead, spittle flecked anti-science outrage.

I saw Mike speak on tuesday at AGU to a full house. He was calm, witty, with a slight (ok, not so slight) edge of sarcasm toward the unbelievable tide of nonsense that’s come his way over the last several years.

It’s such a glaring contrast to be among 20,000 of the world’s best and most committed scientists – for whom the facts of global climate are simply not an issue for discussion, and then compare to the sea of drivel that passes for thought in the anti-science set.

(also great to meet so many scientists who are big fans of the Climate Crock series, but I digress…..)

Can’t wait for Mann’s book to come out. That ought to get some spittle flowing.

9 Responses to “Michael Mann’s TED Talk”

  1. dana1981 Says:

    Yes, being at the AGU is really a refreshing change from reading the denialist garbage in the blogosphere all the time. The AGU is like a little bubble of sanity where you’re surrounded by people who actually know what they’re talking about. I miss it already!

  2. Again, great work Peter. I am amazed at the stamina of Michael Mann in the face of so much denial. The work goes on as the world heats up.

  3. Fascinating to know that James Hansen’s early insights into the threat posed to the planet by climate change came to him in the same building wherein Jerry Seinfeld, George Constanza, et al were portrayed as engaged in sapient colloquy and, more often than not, railing against their mistress the world and all their miseries. If only they’d known what was transpiring upstairs!

  4. mrsircharles Says:

    You don’t “digress”, Peter. You can be proud of your good work maintaining this great website. Keep it up!



  5. One day I’ll be able to break free and get to an AGU annual meeting. I keep getting the flyers but never can seem to break free from the needs of the moment.

    Have a great time out there.


    Larry Oliver

    a/k/a @tweetingdonal

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