ToughStuff: Urban Solar in Kenya

December 6, 2011

Even with an electrical grid in the city, Nairobi’s poor are left with only kerosene lamps.
Enter Tough Stuff international with an innovative line of solar products.

Remember how third world people “leapfrogged” to connectivity with cell phones?

This is solar energy leapfrogging in action. Open your eyes – watch and be amazed.

Below – see the Tough Stuff TV spot!


2 Responses to “ToughStuff: Urban Solar in Kenya”

  1. BlueRock Says:

    > …third world people…



    * Hans Rosling: Let my dataset change your mindset.

  2. Robin Kaiser Says:

    what happened to them ? they folded and yet they promote this company as innovative and cost effecvtive
    wth happens to all these solar companies?

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